Inner Apocalypt Part I

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Inner Apocalypt Part I

I just came from a class I’m “consulting? to-- Phil. 1905: Possibilities of a Sustainable Future. The class was reporting their ideas for designing a sustainable world—sustainable families, recreation, towns, buildings, farms. The rooms was abuzz with great ideas. Many of which I see being tried and practices throughout greater Minnesota.

So, I think I was a bit of a buzzkill-- to use a quip from one of my new friends. No one else brought up cannibalism. No kidding I did. I read The Road by Cormac MacArthy. Not just read it once but I’m on my 3rd reading. It is the prose/poem story of a man and a son walking down a road in post apocalyptic America.

I don’t recommend you read it.

It's one of the most important book I’ve read.

the road cover.jpg

I won’t lie to you. One of the reasons I was so eager to take up farming a gas tank away from St. Paul is because I have an inner apocalypt. Life in St. Paul was wonderfully easy, fun, pleasurable. But I had an escape plan to leave the City— travel to a farm where we could survive whatever crisis was upon us. I executed the escape plan early. Not for the wrong reasons—we’re not holed up survivalists. I am there for the right reasons—the Possibilities of a Sustainable Future.

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How very strange that I ran across your blog. I believe our kids attended pre-school together in St. Paul. I remember Sophie speaking about Jens and Lake, otherwise I am not sure that I would have caught it.

Sometimes the internet makes the world seem a very small place.

Good luck to you all as you begin this next chapter.

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