Let there be LIGHT!!!


Fiber optic light that is!

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This is Jason. We would not be able to live here if it were not for Federated Communications out of Chokio Minnesota. They put down 2 miles of fiber optic cable to our farm. We are not in their service area-- just on the edge. It cost them over $11,000 for which we signed a two year contract for phone and high speed internet. A deal.

Thank you Jason! Thank you Tom Lorenz! Thank you Federated.

I am sitting here in my 1912 farm house looking our over plowed corn, silos, prairie, and wetlands. The geese are flying through in the thousands. Unlike anything I've ever seen. All the while listening to Fine Tuning on XM satellite radio via my wireless internet, compliments of Federated. Hip Hip Hurrah!

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Oh, Jason the cable guy Mike loves you the most! I worry about him not beign able to watch his favorite games of the season out in the praire. So thank you Jason.
Kelley (Kathys little sister)

An 11 year old saying ridiculous swear words should just be funny because it's an 11 year old saying ridiculous swear words, but her comic timing is so good that it's funny more from her perfect performance rather than just the fact that they're funny lines she gets to say.

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