Browns Valley-- in my bones


couteau des prairie.jpg
Photo of the Couteau des Prairie. This does not do it justice. This place begs for some photographers and artists to capture the images.

I drove yesterday north and west from our farm through Browns Valley, Minnesota on my way to NDSU. This is a magical place. Magical. It is the continental divide between the Gulf of Mexico and the Hudsons Bay. I was so distracted driving here-- the landscape changes dramatically from flat corn and bean fields to a valley with boulders, grasses, and the couteau across the valley rising up in the Dakotas. Other worldly, haunting, soul touching, lovely. It feels safe and sheltered. The wind was howling-- shaking my car along the road. I felt that if I were here hundreds or thousands of years ago I would feel safe. I had the sensation that I had roots here-- ancient roots. I felt it in my bones.

The earliest people on this land were drawn here. About 9,400 years ago the ice dams broke loose and waters flowed to the north-- the Red River. How dramatic that must have been! And people made this their home shortly after that. I looked it up when I got home and found this history of the region

"The area has seen human presence for thousands of years. A Paleo-Indian skeleton now know as "Browns Valley Man" was unearthed in 1933, under circumstances which suggested death after deposition of the gravel but before creation of significant topsoil. Found with tools of the Clovis and Folsom types, the human remains have been dated approximately 9,000 years b.p.[4][12]

The Traverse Gap was used by Native Americans, who recognized its geographic significance. Two buffalo skulls were placed on the continental divide, where travelers would stop to smoke a pipe to mark the place where the waters divided."

As you pass through here you can sense that something significant is happening on this landscape. One can almost feel the continental divide.


That's amazing! The thought of two buffalo skulls placed on either side of the continental divide gives me goosebumps.

Also..I put up a couple pics of our stay in Minnesota to ward off the winter chill!

That place is in MN? Wow. I would like to see that some day in person-- not during the winter time, though.

Dan Fogelberg (RIP 12-17-07)
ยป Long Way Home (live In The Country)

Running in the wrong direction
Isn't it a long way home,
People with the wrong intentions
Isn't it a long way home.
City, you are dying real slow
Country, you are calling me to go.
Smokestacks, I don't need you no more
I'm gonna fly...
To where the sky meets the land
And the living is not planned
And the children can laugh just
Cause they're living.
I'll send for you
If you ever want me to
But you'll have to find
A whole new way of giving.
Running from the noise and poison
Isn't it a long way home.
Wounded by a law man's toy gun
Isn't it a long way home.
City, no more shadows to be seen.
Country, all the sunshine you can dream.
Smokestacks spew your sour-smelling
I'm gonna fly.
To where the sky meets the land
And the living is not planned
And the children can laugh
Just cause they're living.
I'll send for you
If you ever want me to
But you'll have to find
A whole new way of giving.

Duh! What is a URL? If I need it I'm out of luck! I'm enjoying reading your blog..especially the parts where you are finding your new home beautiful, inspiring, enjoyable! Your language becomes so poetic at those times! It bothers me a bit to hear of your fears out there .. but I do understand them, mostly! Having lived in the country for many years, I have to say that I never have gotten over a fear of the dark and what might be in it! That even applies to my backyard in the city!! Perhaps we both need to stop reading scary books!! Love to all ...Carolyn

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