A winter view from here (there)


winter view.JPG
The frost so thick on the trees-- the sky so big-- the prairie shimmering.


K&M; Thank you for the thank you.I think you two are onto something here,this link between people and this extra ordinary life that is so much more valuable,and doing it with your words and PICTURES! This whole scene needs a"John The Baptist".Are you up to it? A side note: A few years back a guy actually suggested we should do away with all township government. I was on the Town board at the time & the Ass'n of Townships really got on him.


You mean we need a voice crying in the wilderness? As I recall, John the Baptist didn't have such a happy ending.

I should also point out that I am somewhat of a fraud. Posted that lovely picture from a hotel room in Spicer MN. In the midst of meetings all across the State during a 1000 miles drive. Crookston-Rochester-Spicer-Home.

Kinda ironic to be racking up those kinds of miles in the name of sustainability. I'll figure it out over time.


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