Inner Apocalypt Part II


I'm posting this Youtube clip, in part, for blog practice. (it appears to work on Internet Explorer, but not Mozilla Firefox)

A couple weeks ago Tex Hawkins, US Fish and Wildife Service in SE Minn, sent the link to an article that clearly laid out the calamitous intersections of peak oil, climate change, and growing economic disparities. There was something particularly disturbing for me about that article. It was too well organized, written, and fact supported to dismiss. I sent it to a few level headed people I know, nuetrally asking for their opinions. They replied "Yes, that looks like what I've been hearing in the news, etc..." No one dismissed the article, but none of them felt a frantic sense of urgency to do something or advocate for something to be done. NOW!

I've ordered this movie and will post a review when I have time to sit and watch it. The boys will be in Kindergarten in 2 years-- I should be able to get to it then.

2 Comments 2 years huh! That made me laugh out loud.


Were you able to watch the clip?

And ain't that the truth about getting around to it in 2 years. Hard to deal with the urgency of global crisis when I'm just chasing a 3-year old around the house to stop him from eating raw bacon!!


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