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I'm pleased, and have no hand in-- from either end, the kudos given to our school district in this recent U of M study ranking it among the top 10%. Guess we just lucked out moving here.

Actually, the 2007 Small Town Symposium at UM Morris was on schools and community revitalization. So in terms of resettlement, it looks like we have a firm foundation. So here is an advertisement on this blog to Resettle Big Stone County. We have good schools-- move here, move back here, stay here. I'm looking for an artisan cheesemaker in the community. Got milk? Got school age kids?

This quote from rural SW MInnesota author Paul Gruchow seems apropos

"Among the science courses I took two full years of biology, but I never learned that the beautiful meadow at the bottom of my family's pasture was a remnant virgin prairie. We did not spend, so far as I can remember, a single hour on prairies-- the landscape in which we were immersed.

I took history courses for years, but I never learned that one of the founders of my town and for decades the leading banker... was also the author of the first comprehensive treatise on Minnesota's prairie botany. I can only imagine now what it might have meant to me- a studious boy with a love of nature- to know what a great scholar of natural history had made a full and satisfying life in my town. I did not know until long after I left the place that it afforded me the possibilities of an intellectual life.

Nothing in my education prepared me to believe, or encouraged me to expect, that there was any reason to be interested in my own place. If I hoped to amount to anything, I understood, I had better take the first road east of town as fast as I could. And, like so many of my classmates, I did."


Hi Kathy (and Mike)

People moving back to rural counties! What an awesome thought. Actual PEOPLE coming back to inhabit this empty prairie because of schools, churches and such. We've all been lead to believe if we really wanted to make something of ourselves we had to leave the country and move to the bright lights. How is it Alan Jackson sings it, our most important things are what we leave behind.

We really admire what you people are doing - wish there were more oportunities for people like you to do this again and again.

On the flip side of all this thinking is: there are actually people out there that think the only way to make rurual areas prosper is to eliminate the "human elment". In other words, people move out so everyone can get bigger and more efficient - "economies of scale" I think they call this. Where do Alma, Lake and Jens fit into all that thinking or other kids who would like to run carefree and explore the world of nature.

Anyway, keep up the good work - you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Evan & Linda

Evan and Linda,

Thank you so much for the words of support. Sadly, I've encountered those people who think we should depopulate rural Minnesota to improve it and the environment. Someone from a major environmental organization (in the Cities) said to me at the Bush Fellows gathering "do we really want all those small towns? Do we really need the same proporation of leaders from rural MN compared to the Cities?" I'm not a yeller-- but I yelled.

I believe that mores "eyes per acre" makes for more intimate land care.

I believe there is something fundamentally good about kids growing up on farms.

I believe that the environment will be better served by having more people living on, enjoying and depending on our natural resources. Not in McMansions on 5 acres, but smaller working farms.

I'm glad I get to work on and be a part of that vision.

Thank you Evan and Linda for your work-- and your support--



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