A wild Friday night


Alma Lake on wetland winter evening.JPG
Alma and Lake on the edge of the wetland behind our farm

Friday afternoon Lake woke up from his afternoon nap at about 4:45, Jens was still sleeping. So Alma, Lake and I went for a walk down to the wetland/lake/pond behind our barn. It was already getting dark and it is quite a walk for a 3-year old. We crossed the plowed field, lumps and ribbons of soil poking through the scant snow. Then through the grasslands and to the reeds. Alma and I knock a path through the frozen reeds for Lake.

We got out onto the frozen water and the kids and dog run wild on the wide open snow covered ice. We find the remains of a rabbit eaten by a coyote, a muskrat house, and walked down to the beaver house. There were beaver cut branches sticking out of the ice. The house packed with mud about 6 feet high.

The sun had set and it was getting dark. I herded the kids back to the edge of the wetland-- as we pressed through the reeds I heard a loud howl behind me. "Hold still!" I yell, my ears straining to hear another howl. I look across the frozen ice to see if a pack of coyotes or wolves are running across. It's dark. I'm far from the house. There are wild animals behind me and my kids. I get the kids through the reeds, the grass, back into the tamed agricultural land. I look down the field in front of me and see Mike and Jens about 1/4 mile away walking towards us in the dark. I was so happy to see them. When we met up I asked Mike if he heard the howl. "Yup, came from right behind you." It really sounded like the wolves I'd heard in the north woods.

We had a giddy walk back to the house. Inside to hot spiced apply cider (local), fresh bread, and a pot of chicken and rice stew.


They didn't want to eat you guys they wanted to see how fast you could run. Then the wolfs sat back and laugh with each other saying things like "did you see the big one run" and the little one trying to keep up and the middle one had no meat on her but man could she run. Happy should take self-defense classes or something. Well glad you are all safe, but just remember that it ihs beautiful out where you live but the "wild" still rules the roost.


I love those kind of walks, but that would make me a little nervous, too. What great findings you discovered. My kids love to do things like that when we go camping. Awesome!! Wish we could get together for a visit the boys would love that.

Hope things are going well.



You, Mark and the kids are always welcomed here. I just got a manual ice auger and will take the kids down to drill a hole. The ice is probably 4 feet deep-- so that should keep them busy for a solid hour!! The ice looks so cool-- so deep in place-- bubbly in other places where there are springs underneath.

Come and visit-- winter or summer.


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