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boys and chicks 9/14/07

Walked out the door and into the fog with Alma at 7:10. After she was on the bus, I walked down the road the 1+ mile to the USFWS reserve for a couple moments of calm-- look to the N, S, E, W, the sky, the ground. What did I hear?

Cockadoodle do!!

I smiled. Cross the field it's less than 1/2 mile to our barn-- the prairie wetland preserve is the southern boundary of our farm. I couldn't see the barn through the fog, but hearing those rooster crow gave me a feeling of pride. We ordered up 50 baby chicks the 1st of September and they all survived. Last week the hens started laying eggs and a couple roosters made good eatin'.

I knew we made the right choice about moving our family to the farm when one day the kids and I went into the chicken coup and Alma chased down a big hen, grabbed it, tucked under her arm without a hint of hesitation. It was the unselfconscious confidence to grab the screeching, clawing chicken without a flinch. I thought-- that's the 8 year old I hoped to raise.


Ahhhhhh! AWESOME!!! you are making me homesick for the farm.....and all the experiences we grew up with.
Mom and Dad purchased their baby chicks from my Great Uncle, Hub Garbisch, at the Maple Dale Hatchery in Austin. A favorite childhood memory was driving to Austin to pick up several hundred baby chicks,always Leghorns,SP? and receiving what I felt was special famiy attention..being so proud of our Great Uncle...and spending hours in the chicken house watching those little ones eating, peeping, and chasing around....good memories...BD

thats great kath - you sound so happy and relaxed.

i can't wait to get our chickens. I will not have that many. have found some people who are will to give us some of there's. My stepdaughter Taylor, can't wait to let the cats chase the chichens around, boy is she gonna be surprised when its the other way around. I also remember grandma alvina and i going to rochester to pick up the baby chicks and on the ride home grandma and i didn't talk we just listened to the peeping of the chicks some times 3 boxes of them. Then learning how to butcher,that was a good learning experience! Not a job for the squimmish. Enjoy!

Its really nice to remember the good old days isn't it! Kelley, as you said, I really cherish those good old days when we saw the cats chase the chicken!

Hi Kathy,
Wonderfull memories. When i was a small kid, i used to watch these small chicks in my neighbourhood. It was so fun to hold them in my hands and hear their chirpling sounds. In rainy days i had lot of fun chasing those little chicks and their mother was chasing me inturn. Nice memories :)

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