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Neil Linscheid

I was at a public workshop in Baxter, Minnesota recently and met Neil Linscheid. Neil is the Economic Development Director for Region Five Development Commission out of Staples.  Neil introduced himself and told this story:

Neil is a born and bred city boy from the metro. He went to school and UM Morris and found himself needing a job.  So he applies at the UM Morris Center for Small Towns.  All he wanted was a job and some $$—he got a mission and it changed his life.  He was given a research project on how the media portrays rural Minnesota.  He says “the metro is hogging the limelight.?  He made up his mind that he was meant to contribute to rural Minnesota.  And here he is.

Kudos to Neil for Resettling Wadena County.  Kudos to Ben Winchester, Tom McRoberts,  David Fluegel and all the folks at the Center for Small Towns for inspiring the Neils of the world.Click on Extended Entry to read the 2050 Scenario inspired by Neil....

Society page of Linschilling Free Press“ The Uro-Caine wedding 2050?

We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Rebekkah Uro and Leo Caine.
• Many of their quests traveled in GPS guided transport capsules.
• Others who weren’t able to be with us today fortunately sent your blessing, prayers and holographic images.
• Rebekkah (Pakistan) Leo (Fiji) met here in the downtown retro zone, village of Linschilling in Ideal Township during a space scouts outing when they were 15. Reconnected on Relationship flourished online.
• Rebekkah and Leo returned to Linschilling because easy to get to, celebrate the power to survive. The model of sustainable growth, local foods and sustainable economy are a big draw.
• Linschilling rebuilt after the great water resource war, fought in 2017, everyone lost and had to rebuild.• Service will be automatically translated into New World Language.
• Leo’s Fijian grandfather read scripture from Genesis I, “ In the beginning..? signifying God’s restorative creative power.
• Grandfather couldn’t be there because he was injured in the Great Water War.
• Music- local on solar powered fiddle.
• Vows- contain ethical promise to live together in a greenway, with commitment to each other and their community pronounced husband and wife and world citizens.
• Toast – to family members who did not survive the Great Water War of 2017; a moment of silence-war that forced the new thinking.
• Reception – local foods of Linschilling big draw. Kale blueberries, heirloom grain crops make the best cake.• Gifts- Rebekkah and Leo registered at New World Exchange Markets. Favorite gifts- collectable books of all wildlife that survived the Great War. “Surprising survival? gold standard carbon credits.
• Honeymoon- Space tour run by goggle / real space. Make home in ideal township. Artists’ community
• Leo- Medical artist rendering diagnostics- Medical images.
• Rebekkah- Agricultural systems – Engineer
• Rebekkah and Leo arrive home- holographic invitation from Central Region Partnership to attend visioning session on what life will be like in 2100 and they say. “ Gee, what will life be like??


Thanks for the nice article entry Kathy. I liked working with the University so much that I joined it. I now work for University of Minnesota Extension as a Extension Educator in Community Economics. I continue to work regionally and now cover Southwest Minnesota. Working with UMN Extension lets me continue to do good work for rural Minnesota.

Make sure to check out UMN Extension's Center for Community Vitality website to learn more about the work I am doing.

If you want to contact me you can email me at or call 507-337-2814

One final note. Doesn't Kathy have a great Blog!


Extension got another great staff person bringing you on board. But what is really great is that we still have you at work in greater Minnesota and you avoided the siren song that lure brilliant young professionals, like you, to the Twin Cities.

Greater Minnesota will be well served Neil with you in Extension in Southwest Minnesota.



Great share. Many thanks.

I've glanced at some of your entries and I was wondering if you wanted to swap blog links? I have a blog about learning to play the violin, and I am always looking to swap links with blogs on similar subjects! I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

It sure appears so. Great blog by the way!

Thank you for a great post

I saw corn harvesters when i used to live in southern indiana. Great post though!

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