The speed of one's soul



I’ve been traveling a lot. It reminds me of something my friend Paul told me. He was in the Peace Corp in Saharan Africa. He was with some Bedouins around the campfire and confessed that he felt out of sorts- homesick. The Bedouins ask him where he came from and he said “across the great desert there’s a great ocean. Across the great ocean is another great land. Halfway through that great land is my home.? The Bedouins said,

“No wonder you don’t feel right. Your soul can only travel as fast as a camel can walk. Your soul hasn’t caught up with you yet.?


Hi Kathy,

Found your site on Google, I was looking for your address to send you a card. Congrats on the move to the country and continuing your job. I am in Minnesota for a week, then back to Florida. Fun to see the snow.

Best to you and your family.



So nice to hear from you. Hope that we can catch up when you're back in MN.

We are working on making a movie in 4th grade about the Gobi Desert. We found your picture of your camel and want to use it in our movie. Can you email us to let us know if that is OK? It looks like you have fun traveling a lot. Thank you!

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