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Here's some comfort reading that will take you right to some comfort food-- real comfort food. Put out by Dakota Rural Action, this is South Dakota's first local foods directory, as I understand it. Yes-- it's a directory and a good one. But it is also a testament; values statements from dozens of South Dakota farmers. Ken Pigor's entry about raising beef gives one faith in a world that can be put aright--- "We acknowledge and welcome our privilege and responsibility as good stewards to care for all of God’s creation with compassion and respect."

And it is a work of art. The book itself feels good in the hand.

Call DRA. Get one. Sleep a little better at night knowing the folks in this book are tending the land on our behalf. I do.

We use it. Calling farmers on Saturday morning to get shavings for our chickens--purchsing the seed garlic we've planted to the east of the house. Which, by the way, is popping out of the ground-- chartreuse spikes-- my favorite color. Unfortunately, we planted the garlic a little too close to the giant leaf pile, meaning heavy wild kid traffic. I must have refered to them as my "green babies" because Jens let me know he didn't hurt my "green babies" as I yelled at them to stay off my garlic patch!

The frogs and snakes are back--heard but not seen. It's amazing since it is so chilly, 35 degrees this morning, yet they are croaking in the slough right now. Mike thinks I'm confusing frogs with the sound of mallards feeding-- but I saw squished frogs on the road-- a confirmation. The egrets are back-- one Blue Heron and a number of white phase Blue Herons. The geese have passed on to the north. The ducks are coming through-- some staying I imagine.



Thank you for putting the local foods directory on your blog. We're pretty proud of it here at DRA. If anyone would like a copy email us at or call us at (605) 697-5204.

Thanks again.
Frank James

I wonder if Boulder has anything like this. We get to the Farmer's Market on the weekends, but I haven't thought to ask about an actual directory! What a great idea.

Thanks Frank James & DRA!

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