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Missed this-- 23 inches of snow

Mark Mustful, potter

Between the April 10 and April 25 snow storms, we've had a minimum of 23 inches of snow. They said 9 inches yesterday-- but we have 4 foot drifts in our yard. School let out at early due to the storm and I was scared waiting by mailbox in my car, 1.5 miles from home. It was zero visibility, the wind violent and painful. I waited 1/2 hour for the bus and was so happy to have all the kids home. People used to die in these unexpected storms.

Due to that excitement I missed fun art outings. Kristi Fernholz has a show at Java River in Montevideo. Check out her portfolio on line-- she really captures the initmate beauty of this landscape.

Also, we were ready for a potluck to meet potter Mark Mustful who is considering moving to Big Stone County. Looking at his art, I can see that he would have lots of inspiration here. The potluck at the home of some of the local artists who made this stained glass depiction of the headwaters of the Minnesota River (below) for the MN Sesquicentennial. A lot of creative people here on the prairie. Did you know that the more "creative" class people, the higher the income of all the people in the area? Seems like another good strategy-- attract creatives to our region.

Enjoy this:

sherman glass.JPG


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Dear Kathy,
Your blog is a fun read. Experiencing Big Stone County through someone else's eyes lends a fresh perspective to my 50 years on the western hump. It's nice to see you doing your part to increase the local population. I can see Ortonville from my farm and would actually prefer a more remote and isolated home. Maybe those folks in Texas with the unique view on marriage will be looking for new digs. Keep up the goood work.

23 inches of snow! I thought we were having a cold April.

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