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The snow geese arrived last weekend-- in the 10's of thousands. They came at first in flocks with the Canadian geese-- a few white geese along with the greys. So much for "birds of a feather..." Now there are sheets of the white geese with black wing tips across the sky and the land. Their calls so loud you don't even need to open the windows to hear them-- although it may be saying something about our windows as well.

Alma made up a song "...There's no better place to live than in the prairie where the birds are wild..."

As the school bus made its way across the prairie (I can see the bus from about 4 miles away) the flocks fly up around it like silvery clouds-- circling overhead and all around-- floating off like clouds towards the horizon. I hear that climate change has benefited the snow geese-- individual flocks numbering up into the 80,000 range. Me, I'm just in awe-- jaw dropping awe of these dramatically beautiful creatures. There sheer numbers part of the awesome beauty.


I hope you can get a closeup photo of your awesome spring company! What a great experience!

I hope you can get a closeup photo of your awesome spring company! What a great experience!

what a beautiful picture!

**April 6th and all the snow geese have passed through** They migrated through as huge flocks and now are gone. Now we have smaller flocks of ducks coming. I've identified pintails and mallards (have to learn my ducks better). I also saw 5 huge gorgeous white swams== they hung out a couple days in our north field. Imagine if they hang out in the 40 dirt puddle how much they would enjoy it if we restored that wetland. It seems to be a natural wetland there.

We were traveling home (Jan2,2009)from New Jersey to Michigan and saw the same awesome sight of Snow Geese.Captivating!!

nice share, thank you

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