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I asked Todd if I could take a picture of him for my blog and he said he wondered why he hadn't been on it yet. This is Todd-- he's a stand up guy-- and he's our farmer. Todd has been farming this land for about 5 years-- some good some bad-- and he'll be farming most of it again this year. Todd is also known around here as the Rock and Roll Farmer. He dj's at all the good events and has a depth and breadth of the music scene. He's made us a few discs of his musical finds and selections. We're so glad to be friends with and have a farmer like Todd for so many reasons.

The kids love him. Todd's had his share of back troubles-- including surgery last winter. So every night the boys say their bedtime prayers and race to see who can say first "God bless Todd's owey back!" or "God bless Todd's better back." It's gotten quite competitive to see who can bless Todd first and in fact, it's been ending in tears and punches being thrown the last few weeks. I'm sorry-- but I can't help laughing at them pounding each other over who gets to bless Todd. He's that special.


hehehe...thats too funny. You got some great kids kath

Hey;I can fully relate to that back thing and surgery thing.I'm wondering on the music side of things, does he sing while he drives his tractor?(it helps the back) Back in the 70's they all started using cabs on there tractors cause it protected them from mine . (singing that is)Singing is also affected by the color of the tractor. Evan

Your girl looks like a slightly younger version of you back in Silver Bay. My "little" girl, Kaia, is going to be 14 in June. I'm so glad John and Lila crossed paths with you after so many years. They are such wonderful souls. Drop me an email between planting and harvesting!

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