The 40 minute mile


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Actually a 40 minute mile would be on the fast side. When the weather is nice, and even when it isn't, the kids and I walk the 1/2 mile long driveway to and from the school bus. Those walks bookend my days when I am home- a slow, distracted walk in the finest sense. At least in the afternoons there is no rush- no intent in the walk. Time to kneel, sit, to look at the clouds, grass, rocks in the driveway, ducks, geese, play in the puddles, feel the wind and the changing seasons. We've laid in the grass watching flocks of geese approaching and passing close over head.

Between walks to the bus I had a great day. Fascinating conversations, spreadsheets, pursuing ideas of great promise- some to the end point others to the beginning point. Lightening fast multi-tasking. Feeling like all the plates are spinning as they should be-- delightful actually. But distracting in a way that narrows the world to the laptop and the phone.

My boys turned 4 years old yesterday. They've all grown so much this year. Alma is 8--her baby face completely matured to girl. It takes those 40 minute miles to really observe these sweet children. And to accept this gift from my kids -- the gift of a walk unfettered by purpose.



You and Milly have been in my thoughts all day long today. I can't believe it's been 6 years. It seems like yesterday sometimes. Hope your day was full of peace.


what a wonderful 40 minutes, I love just sitting back and watching my kids. I stare at them in amazement, everything about them, the physical features, the curiosity in them that is NEVER ending. Just amazing.
Love you, and hope to see you this summer.


Thank you. Among those bookmarks of life of Alma 8 and the boys, now 4, should be sweet Milly Rose-- who would have been 6 as of yesterday. That would have been the "right" arrangement. I know you know what I mean. Thank you all for remembering with me. Love, Kathy


What a long journey it has been. Six years! Milly will never be forgotten. She is safe in your heart. I am amazed how w all have gotten through our tragedies and the friendships that have evolved because of those tragedies. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

Many hugs,

The rhythym of your day are the moments that I vow to make my entire day out of. :) Spured mostly on by losing Rose and realizing how transient this all is.

Hugs to you guys, and Milly who always holds a special place in my heart.

Just catching up on your blog, reading recent to not so recent. What a special time, that walk with the kids! How great that your thoughts and appreciation remain with your kids, with nature, with the important things during that time, rather than having a dizzying windmill of thoughts about what needs to be done today, tomorrow, and onward!
The thought of your walks out there remind that somewhere I have a beautiful photo of Laurel at about age two. She is in a crouch, with hands on brown grass, just turning green, nose close to the ground, smelling the new grass! Must find that photo! They know things at that age that we seem to forget.
Thoughts of dear Millie, and prayers for you and Mike and all, as you remember her. Love from Carolyn

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