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After scaring myself silly reading Doris Lessing's "Memoirs of a Survivor" during the bleak, short days of late December, I promised my mom I would lay off the apocolyptic reading until spring. My friends and family kept me in light reading with a dozen hilarious Janet Evanovich books featuring Stephanie Plum as an inept, but lucky bounty hunter.

Well it's spring. The grass is a delectable green, the wheat is sprouting in the field past the slough. Oil prices dropped to $125 a barrell from $135. The world is fresh and new and full of promise. Now my mind can once again return to thoughts of an uncertain future. So I decided to put away a few days worth of food in case of an emergency. This is what I bought.

what's in your larder.JPG

I laugh just looking at that pile of empty calories. I bought this food based on one criteria-- calorie density. One can of condensed milk would satisfy the caloric needs of my three kids for an entire day (although I just now wondered if I would be able to make them eat it?-- hmmm didn't take that into account).

In comes Alma-- "mmmm Kool Aid!" So I start explaining to my 8-year old that this is emergency food that we'll keep in the basement. If we need it, we can mix the butter flavored crisco with the sugar to make little energy balls. Alma says "I think I'll bring crackers." After showing her how you'd pop the top on the Spam and some vague words on emergency preparedness so as not to alarm her, she says to me:

"So. I guess we won't be eating healthy."

Maybe I should get some dried, organic cranberries to mix in those energy balls.


Oh my heck woman!! Where are the poptarts, twinkies(you know they last forever on the shelves), hoho's, beer?? You forgot the beer?? I do see that you have coffee!! Juana Cappacino?? Love ya D

Um why is my post being reviewed???

you better purchase more coffee thats not even a days worth for you is it?
Spam is selling of the store shelfs right now, did you know that. That is all the meat some familys can aford right now. SAD! Spam is not meat!!!!!!
Alma I will have Kool-Aid for you always when you come to visit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER

I am sure that Alma and the boys have made you cards and other treasures...How about breakfast in bed? love to all Mom


You make good points about people struggling to feed their families and turning to SPAM. Before you posted that, I had (just for fun -- how odd is that?) calculated the calories per dollar for my emergency food.

Sugar = 3200 calories/ dollar
Crisco = 1000 calories/ dollar
SPAM = 600 calories per dollar

Hormel bone in ham = 550 calories per dollar

Then looked at produce I bought at the same time:

Cabbage= 50 calories / dollar
Kiwi = 100 calories / dollar

It gets complicated in my head-- because the raw ingredients are cheaper than the processed convenience foods, like SPAM. But I know that time is an issue in food choices. Bake a ham vs pop a can and serve...

I made a meal a couple weeks ago for 15 people at a local economic development meeting. I made calico bean hotdish using dried beans, local hamburger, MN bacon. That fed 15 people for about $14. Then I baked 3 loaves of french bread-- that cost less than $2 for the ingredients.

It seems like a vicious circle. You have to work 2 jobs to feed your family, so there's no time to cook, so I must buy more expensive processed convenience foods...

Time for Victory Gardens to come back. And fruit trees here and there wouldn't hurt.

The Big Stone county food shelf gave every kid in Alma's elementary school a $30 voucher to buy fruits and veggies from the local grocery stores. That is a fine idea, but you can buy an apple, plum, apricot, cherry or pear tree in this area for $27. Then you have fruit all summer for a number of years to come.

A good strategy for healthy food security could be to help families plant fruit trees instead of just emergency food provision......

Enough for now!

Thanks for the well wishes,


Oh Yeah DJ. If there were ever a reason for poptarts it would be the apocolypse!! I'm afraid to think how hungry I'd have to be to eat a Twinkie.

You're the best DJ.


Happy Birthday Lady!!

I LOVE Janet Evanovich I've read all 13 and some of her extra ones, plus just two days ago I got out an read in one night Lucky Plum...its a newer one. They are so funny and easy to read!!

Kath ~your deprieving your children of knock knock jokes and tattoo's that come off the crusted frosting right onto your tongue!!! Poptarts are the bomb!! Tiff where are you chime in here will ya??

What about if we kept backyard chickens. Everyone could have chemical free eggs and cakes cooked without preservatives. I wonder is it all the preservatives in our food causing problems these days.

Who ever imagined the decided erecting a mosque at ground zero was indeed a good option? I'm not much of a great fan of both Glen Beck or Sarah Palin but yet vs Obama and the supremely idiotic government, these are prodigies, get real The usa, there is a certain amount of weird stuff going on. Lesley.

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