Flash flood in Big Stone County


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I scoffed at the idea of a flash flood in Big Stone County-- those sloughs and pothole ponds don't look threatening. Well-- we had a flash flood on the farm today. Hurrying to move cars and tractors as the driveway turned into a water fall. We have well over 100 acres under water.

bees in danger.JPG
Mike and I made a desparate attempt to move my bee hives. The pink spots are my hives sitting on the cement bridge that crossed the grass waterway. We moved the hives to higher ground. They were already filling with water and I hope they will survive. We lost a couple chickens.

Part of why this flooding is so dramatic is that our farm is at the bottom of a subwatershed that has been increasingly ditched and drained. The neighbor informed me last week that the county is putting a bigger culvert between our lands-- meaning water will flow even more rapidly onto our land... Looks like I'm finally living some of the watershed work I did in years past.
Whiskey is for drinking.
Water is for fighten' over.
Or else we just give into the landscape and the drainage and make that north 100 a wetland.


kathy that must have been crazy - how scary a flash flood on your farm. I hope the bee hives survived, sorry about the chickens.

Dear Kathy, I am so happy and moved to know that you live up to your dreams!
Over 100 acres under water?
well, the good news are that u have over 100 acres of land! I believe some is dry too.
Take care. You are well rememberd and appriciated in this arid land ( that includes me but not only, believe it or not...)

In Ca we would see this as a taking of our property: is the county paying you for the damage this periodic flooding will do to your property, or do you just have to accept this damage w/o compensation?

WOW! The timing of these photos is amazing! I own DryHero, a water damage restoration company in Nebraska so I know first hand how devastating this can be. The power of water is truly humbling...

WOW! The timing of these photos is amazing! I am with AllState , a water damage restoration company in New jersey so I know what you talking about. if need any help let me know

It looks to be so. Great post by the way!

I will definatly be putting this post in my favorites great post very informative post thank you for the share.

Whiskey is for drinkin' ! hell ya!

I'm so seriously happy I came across this particular article. I've been seeking this information for a long time now. How do I go about being informed of there are any fresh posts? I've heard that a few websites come with an feed or something of that nature? Forgive me. Me and computers do not mix very well.

so informative, thanks to tell us.

Dear Kathy,
Came across your post as I was researching the devastation from the recent floods in the southeast. I'm sorry for the trouble you experienced and hope that things are better for you now.

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