Holding still


sunrise through fog.JPG

On Sunday I was outside before the sunrise. As I stood looking to the pinkening sky to the east, a fog rose from the prairie grass just 100 yards from me-- its genesis right before my eyes. A deer walked into that fog. Birds were singing all around. I remembered a lesson from my high school band teacher, Mr. Paulisch, playing a symphony and telling us to train our ears to hear one instrument at a time. I trained my ears and pulled out different bird songs one at a time. A small, nondescript sparrow landed a few feet from me and startled me with the most lovely calls-- unexpected from such a drab, brown bird.

Three jets made their way east over the prairie-- maybe looking down on "fly over" country. Then the sun rose like a neon pink laser-- a pin point piercing over the praire. The world exploded in color-- the white silo turned pink and casting a 1/2 mile shadow across the field.

Later, at church I was surprised to read in the bulletin that I was the day's lector-- reading scripture about our responsibilities to our children. Muffins and coffee afterwards with the good people of Trinity. I walked with the kids to Bonnie's grocery on main street-- collecting an entourage of little kids along the way and the cell phone number of a local stone mason. After gettting our groceries we went over to the Clinton Depot playground. Our three kids the nucleaus for what became a gathering of 16 kids--a couple of whom went back to Bonnies for ballons. The waterballons were flying-- the ground around the water pump covered with multi-colored scraps of ballons. Lovely kid confetti.

When we came home, I made a batch of homemade mozzarella cheese, picked some basil from the garden, took a loaf of freshly baked crusty bread out of the oven and watched Star Trek TNG with my kids.

It was the best birthday of my entire life.

I had been asked to consider running for the open Minnesota District 20A House of Representative's seat.
I decide not to run.
I would hold still.
At least for now.


Happy Birthday, Kathy! I hope you and Alma stop by sometime this summer when you have work in the Cities.

even though you are not going to run you still can make a difference. Keep up the strong attitude. So very proud of you sis.

Happy Birthday Kath!

fried cheese, crusty bread, Star Trek, and the prairie. What's not to love!?!

Happy Birthday Kathy! I have just been looking up how to stash food away for an emergency as well. The one thing I read that stood out was, "make sure you have food that you will eat or know what to do with." Maybe you can make pop tarts with the supplies you have???? I bet Tiff could tell you!

I am writing to ask for permission to use the sunset photo in a composite photo I'm working on? I am a retired Respiratory Therapist and educator but enjoy photography and working with photoshop. Thank You - Jack

Jack-- thank you for asking. Yes- you have permission to use this photo. Please credit to the blog "Resettling Big Stone County"

This is actually a sunrise, fyi


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