My Apologies for the Storm


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I had last Friday off from "work" and so was able to wash 8 big loads of laundry and hang them to dry on the line. It was hot and my laundry made the air even muggier. The wind whipped through our clothes and blankets and up into the sky-- forming that thunderhead at the end of the line.

I've become somewhat addicted to the on-line weather radar from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration. So much for just ~being~ with the weather. I want to know what storm fronts are forming across the Dakotas and heading my way. So as my laundry dried the radar showed moisture rising from my township in Big Stone County. The pattern over our farm formed a tiny smiley face :) of wet air rising. Standing in the yard, I could follow the wind straight down my lines of laundry, up into the sky to that thunderhead, and on towards the good people of Clontarf, Benson, and Willmar.

Glad no one was hurt in Willmar as that 8 mile path of tornado crossed the prairie. Sorry about your homes and buildings. I'll try to be more careful with my laundry in the future.


I envy you being able to hang out laundry. I love that smell and that clean, crisp feel. Too many grass, pollen, and tree allergies in this house to even think about it. I have to settle for looking at other people's laundry on the line.

at least now no one will still your underpants, out on the prairie.
I tried to hang my clothes out one day and the dust that the cars stirred up...well i had to re-wash and put in the drier. oh, well. hope to see ya all so.

This is why I try not to do laundry very often. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the natural disasters I might stir up. :)

Thank you for bringing Willie Tee's The Winds of Destiny to our attention. We will try to get it for our collection and then make a post on it for this blog. Tell me a little bit more about Destiny's Children (Is it a novel? Where is it set? What was the plot or theme? How recently was it published?) and we'll try to run it down.

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