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Trading time for mileage...

Photo credit: Gary Greff, www.EnchantedHighway.net

The high price of gas is helping me savor my time on the road. I've changed my route to take the single lane Highway 12 and lowered my speed from 80 to 55 mph. I like it.

The other day I left my house about 5:00 am and drove 40 miles before I met the first car as I was crossing the Chippewa River coming into Benson. At first I reflexively worried about meeting troopers, but at 55 I don't have a care in the world. Roll down the windows, open the sun roof, turn on the satellite radio-- listen to Bob Edwards interviewing Lester Brown. Actually, I listened to every kind of music imaginable. Thoroughly enjoying the journey instead of barreling towards the destination. When I got to the Cities -- merging from 394 to 94 --I know I was the happiest person on the road.

My gas mileage went from 22 mpg to 32mpg. Round trip I spent 2 extra hours in the car, but I saved $22.70 in gas.

The other nice thing about high oil prices is that I appreciate being able to drive- that I have a car, that gas is available, its preciousness now reflected in its price. I recognize that I have the freedom of speed and movement-- all freedom comes at a cost.

Have you ever considered how perfectly smooth a newly paved road is? It's a delight to drive-- not a bump nor blemish. I fully expect that when the oil runs out we'll have other cool fuels to run our cars. But what will replace the petroleum in asphalt? Look down at that road-- it is held together with oil. What will keep up our road infrastructure? No one knows. So I'm just gonna savor that long ribbon of highway stretching from Artichoke Minnesota to St. Paul.

Trading time for mileage- and a bit of gratitude.


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You would same more if you rolled up your windows its a fact.
2 hours my gosh i could do so much in those 2 extra hours. You won't save the gas in the whole world, but 2 extra hours. You are waisting your time for gas. I am a little troubled by this sister.

a few weeks ago we went fishing near Ely (White Iron Lake),left after Linda got off work, (4:30ish) drove 5 under the speed limit all the way.Meet numerous Troopers,one I had to get out of the WAY for. Both of us decided that it was one of our most relaxing drives.Talk about being in the right frame when you arrive!

On the flip side of all this--- get yourself a CD of John Denver's "Wildlife Concert" And then on that bare open road set yourself up a little over the speed limit--Mostly "LETTERGOO"!! Then switch on the song "Eagles and Horse's" It'll raise the hair on your neck!! (Do be careful tho.)


So you and Linda had the same experience driving at or below the speed limit. It really does make a difference rather than trying to beat the clock and squeeze out every mile per minute. Will check out the John Denver songs-- especially for those first 40 miles when I'm the only soul on the roads.


I am with you, I also have been driving at the speed limit on secondary roads, and 65 on 35W. I still get there, let the rest of the gang PASS ME! Sorry Kelley!
I am getting about 23 to almost 28 miles per gallon on smooth roads, no hills and no wind with my Town and Country Chrysler van.
Does cement count?, for a road surface... how about using crushed rubber tires someway? Mark is using landscape material made from rubber, died rusty red.
Evan and Linda, did you catch any fish? BD

But sometimes oil are more expensive than other gas. It depends on the situation.

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