Frogs are fine-- abundant


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Our farm is filled with frogs and toads. When I walk out around the garden, I actually have to watch my step to keep from stepping on them. Do you remember Rana pipiens? Remember catching frogs in the pasture?

The scientist (or child) in me keeps chasing down and catching the frogs. I'm "surveying" them to see if we have any of the famed Minnesota deformed frogs. Back in the day we had school kids catching frogs to report deformities. The research was eliminated in 2001, but it continues on my farm.

So far. So good. Nothing but healthy looking happy frogs. Brown, green, and red ones. Lots of toads too. I find it a comfort to live among so many frogs and toads. It means that something is right with this land.

Tell me- do you have frogs where you are? Are you having a good year for frogs?


as you know i am scared of toads frogs any of them. Just ask cousin Karen!! I was picking tomatoes yesterday and i touched one and screamed and scared the chickens and the cats, and i was done picking tomatoes! But what i saw the little *%#! it looked good! Hope none are deformed. Good Toading!

Did NOT know of your extreme frog phobia. You would not like to relax in the kiddie pool around here!!

My resident toad has decided to sit on the threshold outside my west door from time to time, maybe just to keep his feet dry. And yes, I was in Kelley's garden a month or so ago, and one of her hens went after a baby toad. Yewwwww I would have tried to save the toad. but Kelley was on the side of her chicken!

So get this. Yesterday I sat at the end of the driveway with the boys waiting for the school bus bringing Alma. We're catching frogs and toads-- and I get one with a DEFORMED leg! He was missing the bottom half of his back leg. That could have happended in tadpolehood. It wasn't a third leg growing out of its middle. I still screamed and figured I'd jinxed myself.

Sounds like an all around good year for amphibians in Minn.

I love that pic! No frogs in my backyard - but were not in the country, so if I did see one, I'd be a little worried

the Frog & Toad report from the semi-arid region of Dodge co. is the same --lots of both. some times I even have to stop the lawn mower to let them find a place to go.(if i could only get them to eat cucumber beatles) E. S.

There have been days this late summer when it has been difficult to walk from the house to the garden without carnage - many frogs and toads. Without chemicals on our 16 acres for some years now, many creatures flourish. And still, our garden grew free of disease and insect pests. I have known many people over the years who cannot live where other life is present. I cannot imagine living a full life without nature at my doorstep.

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