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With the exception of beets, carrots and 1,000 feet of turnips (what do I do with 2 tons of turnips??)-- the garden is done for 2008. I just couldn't bring myself to erase the Last Summer Menu-- what with remembering eating the garden fresh sweet corn, basil pesto, stuffed peppers, and eggplant ratioullie...

Last night I took out the first frozen broccoli and added it to tuna noodle hotdish.
I think that about sums up the end of summer food.


I hear ya! I had so many peppers 4 days ago more than all summer.They were beautiful. Then came the blasted frost! Mom froze them for later eating! Way to go Mom.

I am so proud of you girls and all the gardening you did this summer. I am interested in your eggplant recipe Kathy.. Bill loved eggplant. After pealing, slicing and soaking in salt water, I fried it in olive oil after dipping it in beaten egg and a corn meal/flour mixture. I didn't pick mine until late this year, it got bitter.
Did you try Fried Green Tomatoes? They are somewhat like fried eggplant...good, too. Bev


I used my eggplant in Eggplant Parmesean. That way I don't have to peel and soak it. I just slice, dip in egg then cornmeal, fry it and put it in layers with cheese and tomato sauce. Bake it up.

I didn't know that Bill loved eggplant! Funny-- eggplant was the one thing I sold out of each week at the ORtonville Farmers Market. I would never have guessed that.

Thank you Bev for all your encouragement!

Oh -- I should mention the ratitoulle. That is eggplant, onions, garlic, all color peppers, and tomatoes stewed with basil and italian spices. Mine is rather stew-like, but others don't cook theirs that long. It's good over rice or noodles.

i love eggpalnt

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