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One thing about living on the farm is that the kids work harder. Alma helped a lot iwth the garden and farmers market. Here's a picture of the boys on their way to clean out the chicken coop with their Dad.

I remember taking a Global Food Supply course as a graduate student. I learned that in parts of the world, children start making an agricultural contribution at age 5 and that at age 7 some kids are doing enough agricultural work to supply their food needs for the year. How can that be?

Mike said when be brought them back in:
~They were more help this year than last!~

I'm thinking-- they were only 3 years old last year. Amazing that at 4 years old they actually help lighten the load a bit.


thats awesome...I wish mine would just pick up there toys! LOL, Matthew loves helping dad whenever he can around the house, we don't garden, but maybe he'll be doing oil changes by the times he's 8...hehehe

We had a bedtime ritual....all the toys had to be put away... as they got older it was staighten rooms, taking turns wiping dishes.. outside chores included raking, mowing, and of course following Dad around. Seemed like the most fun! Wonder why that is? We had enough snow to almost cover the grass, today.....I sent you a couple of emails, too. Bev

Oh dear...the poor little things! I'll bet they enjoyed it! Probably more than picking up their toys! Hope to see you all soon! Love, Carolyn

well, they sure do more than my princess. The last time the boys were here the said dad would like cleaning my coop better than theres Jens said mine doesn't stink. Well, you do only have 4 chickens Kelley and they don't poop much inside cuz they are always chasing that one cat.

i love your blog.
i hope the boys have fun at the chickens.
ps.Thank you for the A.Z TICKET

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