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Something Stinks

bankers leaving treasury meeting 10-13.jpg
Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack- leaving the meeting with US Treasury Secretary Paulson after learning he is forced to accept $250,000,000,000 from US Taxpayers. KJD notes: Does this man look repentant, sorry, chagrined?

"That's a jig saw Mommy" my son Lake informs me as Mike cuts out the back of the kitchen wall to extricate a rotting mouse that was making us all gag. The kitchen had been smelling increasingly putrid over the past couple of days. Relief was immediate when Mike took out the mouse, uncharacteristically groaning with displeasure and telling the boys to run because they wouldn't want to see this!

That's not all. My mom was helping me clean out my pantry-- filled to the brim with scores of squash, couple hundred pounds of potatoes, dried beans, garlic, and canned goods. I grabbed a bag of potatoes and the bottom fell out in a soggy mess of rotted potatoes-- the smell rivaled the dead mouse. But I had to clean this one up.

I had a dream yesterday. In my dream I was sitting on a park bench with a colleague from the Bush Foundation. A baby carriage was beside us. Distraught, I told her "I spent 3 years working on the farm bill. It was $6 billion dollars. Now they passed $700 billion in 10 days." I started to cry. "I wasted three years of my life."
In real life I didn't work on the Farm Bill. Maybe I was channeling my Representative, Collin Peterson, who is the chair of the House Agricultural Committee. The fact remains, that the Farm Bill was $6 Billion and it DID take more than 3 years to negotiate. The Farm Bill includes Food Stamps, farm subsidies, agricultural research, biofuels, land conservation, and more.

The gentlemen above "reluctantly" accepted $250 billion of your dollars. Paulson et al. decided upon and spent that money in one weekend.

Something Stinks.


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not good. not good.

Yeah, but THANK GOD that we got Martha to serve her sentence....Hmmmm

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