Got Squash?


squash in pantry.jpg
View from my Pantry-- The East Wall

Good harvest of squash considering that our garden was washed down the hill with the sheet erosion of the flash flood earlier this year. On the floor (out of sight) are sack of potatoes-- probably a couple hundred pounds.


i have squash

i see you have a couple of vacant spots for more squash! Kathy that is pretty great job!

Jason says, it looks like a fallout shelter and it needs BEER for Mike.

that is just awesome!

Yes-- it is lacking beer, but it does have 12 bottle of chokeberry wine that Mike says should be given away for Christmas presents :-).

Oops -- guess you know what you are getting now!

Oh-- and those open spots are for the squash we've eaten and given away.


See you on the Sharon list. : )

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