The Gift of Good Family


farm pix- october 2008 084.jpg
Picnicing on the edge of our soybean field. Our farmstead in the background.

A week ago it was 77 degrees and I had company. This is the kind of company that gives a person a break-- my mom and my aunt. They helped with the last of the harvest- putting up beets, making applesauce, pies, crisps, cleaning the dry beans, and making good conversation. This whole farm and food endeavor would be a lot less fruitful without the help of my mom. I'm grateful for the gift of good family- for the moral support in addition to the labor.

The gift of good soil and good family. We count them among our blessings every night.


That is beautiful country and it looks like you're on some nice land.

I just realized.. it's amazing how important you realize your parents are especially when you're doing everyday things like chores.


Bless you!
You didn't mention a grandma's chance to rock babies, smooch soft cheeks,chase toddlers, read bedtime stories, (especially dinasaur books to 3 year olds who correct Grandma's pronunciation), as well as opportunities to go on walks, picnics, outings to the zoo....and watching small thespians, singers and bell ringers...
Bless us indeed! Blessing to you all..Love,Mom

i'm working with a guy who raised his son just north of Chicago- also worked at a business where he hired people from that area. Our conversations comparing the two places (his & mine)are sure different.I'm more thankful each day I live for the blessings we get from the grandkids and the life out here that were able to show them. ---(Looks like you got a real Ham there in the photo!)

Mike and I were just talking over dinner about how much farm work we thought we could get out of each of these three kids.

Lake is already a help-- just the 3 of us were home over the weekend and Jens was sick. Lake went down in the cold and wind to try to take care of the chickens by himself. He came back so disappointed that he could open the big henhouse door alone.

And he looks like a ham-- but reallys he's just a super hero running around us in big circle stocking-footed. He was forced to stop his superhero effort for the photo.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he says:

"a farmer with a really sharp sword."

This picture pretty much sums up Lake's expectations-- protecting his family and fields.

What a wonderful example you and your mom are setting for your kids/her grandkids. All the different generations working together, playing together, being blessed together. Loved the article and the photos - beautiful! :)

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