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Jim Ed and Dale- MPR's Morning Show

Jim Ed and Dale have brought an eclectic mix of show tunes, folks songs, and more to Minnesota Public Radio for 25 years. Truth be told- much of the soundtrack to my life comes from these two characters.

In grad school (hope Dr. Graham is not reading) I spent two years of long, hot baths listening to these guys before I got on my bike to ride to the St. Paul campus. When best friend Char left for Ecuador there was the "Char show" on the Morning Show.

When Mike was courting me he sent cassette tapes of the Morning Show to me in Arkansas.

When my babies were born I danced around the sunny morning kitchens with them in my arms. When Milly was being delivered I was singing "You are My Lucky Star" over and over. I had heard it on the Morning Show the day before and it came to be the theme song for that darling babe.

In grief and in joy. In rest and in work. I've found comfort, hope, joy, laughter from these two.

Today was their last day in studio. I danced with each of my children to their songs this morning.

Thank you for your years of entertainment Jim Ed and Dale. Many of our lives were touched by your show. Every best to you in this next journey.

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