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Mike is the king of gift-givers (I'm not as evidenced by the soap dishes he got Year 1 and Year 2 of our marriage). Lookey lookey what I got for Christmas this year! My very own Country Living Grain Mill. So now I can make my own flour, corn meal, bean meal, nut butters, and maybe oatmeal.

We had a great day yesterday-- foraging for good things in Big Stone County. We headed down to Odessa (population 113) to buy bulk honey from Ellingson's. They have a robust honey and beeswax industry that employess folks year around. [Sadly my hives died last week with the extended below zero and 60mph winds and windchills. A sad lesson learned]. Then we went to JoAnn's house to buy some homemade soap and we plotted together to make some 100% Big Stone County soap- lye from our woodstove and vegetable oils from local crops. Lunch at The Cabin in Clinton and over to Todd's to pick up some wheat.

Bless Todd's soul- he pulled two bushels of wheat out of his grain bins. The variety of wheat Todd grew, Traverse, was developed by South Dakota State University and is named after the lake and county just north of us a few miles. So now I have some local wheat to turn into flour. Luckily Todd's son Travis (the football player) dropped by this afternoon and ground a couple cups. This is NOT as easy at it looks or sounds.

Grinding the wheat has a lovely smell. I've baked since I was young and never experienced the aroma of fresh ground flour. It is the smell of that Gerber dry baby food. It is probably lovely because it evokes those golden days of feeding babes their cereal.

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Oh, Mike I heard all about this gift way to go. 100+ points for you!!! Kathy I see you got a cat?! Does he catch mice? Well, I expect a loaf of bread sis.

I wish that cat caught mice! We made pizza last night from the wheat. It was really good.

Todd (the guy we got the wheat from) was sitting behind us in church today. He reached up and tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out a part of the "Prayer of Intercession." It read:

"You have filled us with the finest wheat. Move us to share from our bounty that others may be satisfied. Gractious God, hear our prayer."

Of course I had missed this part of the service because I was out in the hall with the kids.

hey mom my pick on.

thats awesome Kath! How cool to make your own flour. Nice job Mike!

I noticed the v-belt groove on the wheel of that grain mill. With proper positioning and a belt, I think this could be hooked up to Mike's generator bicycle spoken of in an earlier post.


(laughing out loud on a conferce call ;-)

You are so right!! Of course we could get both the central boiler AND the wheat grinder on Mike's generator bike. You've solved both the food and energy dilemmas!

you had me at "handmade soap", lol. Once you make one batch, you won't be able to stop!

My mom used to grind wheat to make bread when I was little. It was a fun little electric grinder that fit under our sink. I'll always remember the smell of freshly ground and baked bread, and so will your kids!

Been looking for this article for long time ago and finally found here. thanks for sharing this post. appreciate!

Did you ever make 100% Big Country Soap? I mean, did you ever get the lye from your stove? I would be curious how that worked out for you if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!

Did you ever make 100% Big County Soap? I mean did you ever make your own lye from your woodstove? I would be curious to know how that turned out. Thanks!

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