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I raced out of the house as fast as I could, ran through snow drifts, fell face first, but still couldn't catch the remarkable sight of a strong Northwest wind sweeping across the farm stirring up the cold icy/snow crystals in front of the setting sun.

As subtle as this landscape can appear, one can observe huge changes over seconds-- setting sun, rising sun, wind whipped snow, the sound of my own feet dislodging ice crystals that clatter across the hardened snow drifts (sound a lot like ocean waves retreating with pebbles).

Church this morning 1/4/08 we sang:

In the Bleak MIdwinter (by Christina Georgina Rossetti, 1830-1894. I've longed admire the poetry of CGR, most prominently Goblin Market, and did not consider her a source of hymns.) It was the perfect hymn for today- cold and more snow.

In the bleak midwinter
frosty wind made moan,
earth stood hard as iron,
winter like a stone;
snow had fallen,
snow on snow, snow on snow,
in the bleak midwinter, long ago.

Really-- just the perfect hymn for today.


I have seen what you were trying to catch. It is really cool. Did your kids see you fall on your face? Now that would have been a good giggle, hope you did giggle at yourself. Keep the blog coming it is fun to read and to get a pic of my precious niece and nephews. Miss and love all of you.

No-- kids did NOT see me fall. But Jens was sobbing his head off that I didn't bring him along. It was COLD and there were chicken chores to do and logs to throw in the boiler.

Thanks for the notes Kell.

Isn't the weather side of nature something! One time i took our kids to the north side of our wind break when we had a summer storm approching(we were on the road about 200 feet from our house)we waited there for the dark clouds, the oncoming sounds of the wind and finally the blast of cold air. The rain could be seen as we left running to the house for cover. They still talk about it now, how scared they were of the clouds. in the song, the winter is hard...but I love being a "survivor" in our north country! Not that I have to work very hard at it at this point in my life... neighbor kids remove my snow, and I can most often chose when I want to leave the house! Some of my best memories are of being stuck in big snowdrifts, and somehow, after some time, and after huge efforts, being able to get home! More fun to remember than to endure at the time perhaps, but what a triumph we felt, with all that pure air and adrenalin!

Wow! I'm surprised anyone found that hymn I posted. I kinda hid it in under the post. Good eye.

I woke up singing that song in my mind this morning.

At least it is sunny today. But I can walk the kids to the bus, walk two miles, and be back before the sun even rises!

Until I lived here in the prairie, I never really SAW how low the sun is in the south and how short the days really are...

Thanks for the fun memories of slogging through the snow.

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