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Megan- U of M Horticulture Student and Community Assistance Program project coordinator for the CGB Fruit tree project

So last spring every kid at CGB Elementary School got a $30 voucher for healthy summer snack to be used at the local small town stores. A wonderful idea. A couple days later I bought a few fruit trees from Lou's Greenhouse in Big Stone City, SD. $30 food voucher in one hand- $27 fruit tree in the other. Hmmmm. If we planted a fruit tree, those kids could have healthy summer snack right out their doorsteps.

So three of us, a parent, teacher, and food shelf staff person put our heads together and now are starting a project to plant a fruit tree in the yard of every CGB Elementary student. Our dream is to:

• Improve household and community food security
• Increase families access to healthy food
• Teach children practical sciences about fruit tree care, horticulture, plant, and soil sciences
• Let our school children get to know a college student who is excited about her work in Horticulture and see this as a potential career for themselves
• Create local self reliance in fruit tree care, fruit production, and preserving fruit to eat throughout the year (think apple sauce, dehydrated apple rings, or cold storage of apples).
• Test a new way for Food Shelves to provide a more sustainable food source for clients (like planting fruit trees)

We could use a bit more support for this project. Click on Continue Reading to find out how:

If you are interesting in contributing to this project, we could use some help purchasing the trees.

Please make a tax deductible contribution to the Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley School Foundation!

Send your checks to:

Southwest Initiative Foundation (put CGB Foundation on the memo line)
15 3rd Avenue NW
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Thank you!


Sure wish we would have done something like this when we were kids. I am proud of the work you do Keep it up!

You are a great thinker! What a great idea.. we have a large grass area in our church yard. Maybe planting apple trees would be a good idea.
Thinking back to our grade school in the country during the 40's, does having a scrap iron pile for the war effort count? All the rural schools had one. And we also sold Saving's Bonds, which were in booklet form and purchased stamp by stamp until the booket was filled. I am not sure what a full book amounted too, maybe $25.. anybody else remember this? BD

Oh boy....memory test...what fun! I think the stamps amounted to something like $18.75, and the bond would be worth $25 at maturity (in 10 years). Someone else remember the figures differently?? Carolyn

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