First Sightings of Spring

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March 2009 nearly spring long winter.jpg
Photo Credit: Kelley Reber 3/14/09 see that little patch of grass?

Has this winter seemed as long to you? There've been a lot of snow days, blizzards, sick kids, sick parents, and below zero days. The howling winter winds kept me awake some nights.

But last Sunday we saw the first flock of geese flying over the farm. That could only be greeted with jumping up and down with whoops of joy. The boys, in their snowpants, were in the mudpit beneath the tree swing surrounded by snow. What a welcomed sight-- almost hard to believe that spring will really come.

Today Kelley and I went for a walk and saw flocks of geese in all directions. We soaked up some vitamin D in the glaring sun. As it happened, we were at the point of the driveway when the pond on the north side burst through the culvert on the south side with gallons of water burbling up through the 4 foot deep snow drift and the water started cutting its path through the snow into the field. It was pretty cool to be right there when that happened.

It's heartening to see signs of spring, but I hold back my enthusiasm remembering the 23 inches of snow last April. Also, there are all kinds of pressing farming decision to be made and so I view spring a little differently-- will all that water work it's way out of the south field? Can we get in early enough to plant wheat? Should we fence in the 35 acres around the farmsted first or the south 90? Think I'll get a cup of coffee.

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As a prairie girl, I absolutely loved this book (for kids, but it touched me!)…maybe you can relate due to some of your time on the prairie?

If you’re not from the prairie…

An excerpt from the book..

If you’re not from the prairie, you can’t know my soul,

You don’t know our blizzards, you’ve not fought our cold.

You can’t know my mind, nor ever my heart,

Unless deep within you, there’s somehow a part…

A part of these things that I’ve said that I know,

The wind, sky and earth, the storms and the snow.

Best say you have and then we’ll be one

For we will have shared that same blazing sun.


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