What a difference 120 degrees and 10,000 geese can make


geese rising spring 09.jpg
Geese rising from our south field just before sunrise 3/19/09

I'll try to find a photo later, but in the mean time you'll just have to picture this. Last week we had one day where the high was -11 degrees with a -50 windchill. Yesterday it approached 70 degrees. That feels like 120 degrees warmer. So we decided to eat some seasonal foods on the front porch (Girl Scout Cookies) and watch the kids play in the gushing streams and rippling waterfalls all around our farmstead. There were 10,000's of geese all around-- honking loudly in every direction. We saw the first ducks migrating through today and some seagulls as well. The sun is now setting nearly due west down the driveway.

The kids played until their feet were nearly frostbit from the 32 degree water and came thumping up to the house crying (at least the little ones) with numb feet.

What a difference a 100 degrees warmer and 10,000 geese can make to a winter weary soul. Mike said that as much as he hates the cold, he wouldn't give up the feeling you get when the seasons change. I think he means that pure joy of the first day of spring.


congratulation's on your fine spring weather! A week and a half ago we wittnessed these same spectacles (with the geese) following the Platte River in Nebraska.The Patte river vally has several water holding ponds thru its length, and these of course were all open water. Some places the air was full of birds for miles. On this same trip we also saw some very dry country with two really big fires. Fort Carson Co. 6000+ Acres and just west of Kearny Neb. and south. Way south and it was HUGE! God bless this frozen tundra, and what would they give for some of your 32 degree water!

Kathy & Evan, Bill and I also witnessed the Sandhill Crane migration one spring several years ago. Spent a week in the Platt River area.. what fun memories.. we also spent time in Wisconsin in Bill's old stumping ground area, Horicon Marsh Wildlife area east of Beaver Dam, Wis.. Thousands of geese!

Oh my a little more geese than last weekend i was there and i see your lake is getting much LARGER! It sure was cool to yell at the geese over head and watch them split and diveret around and then fly over us anyway! I sure loved our walk that day.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had a dopler radar map showing the goose migration on March 16th across NE and SE. The geese were so THICK they showed on the radar!!

I bet you saw those thick flocks of geese. Big Stone County was just on the eastern edge of that migration.

Very cool!

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