Even a Blind Man Can Tell When He's Walking in the Sun


even a blind man.jpg
Child in from sledding on a mid-winters night

Yesterday the kids came running, yelling "Grass! We found green grass!" We have a calf hutch on the north-east corner of the house as a play fort for the kids. Inside the hutch was green grass- all three kids jumped inside to enjoy the greenhouse effect that grew the grass. MIke and I stacked wood while they played nearby. Mike guesstimates that we stacked about 6-8 weeks of mid-winter heating.

Last January the days were so short that in order to get in any decent amount of sledding, a kid had to put on a head lamp to play into the night (which would start around 4:30 in the afternoon). One particularly cold, snowy, long evening of darkness, Earnest came back in from sledding in the dark with his brother and sister. His headlamp shining like his eyes-- he cut through the darkness of winter both inside and outside of the house.

The sun is setting decidedly north of our west pointing driveway, there is green grass to be found if you want to crawl inside a calf hutch, and right now the full moon is shimmering on the lake west of our grain bins (wait- that's suppose to be our field). Point is... "Even a blind man can tell when he's walking in the sun." I think it is safe to say spring is here.


love the pic - that is awesome...I need to get my kids head lights!

Hi, the internet is just amazing isn't it?
Came accross your blog doing some random surfing and just loved the description of the scenery and the weather- In England nowadays you han hardly tell the seasons apart, muggy snowless winters, and grey wet summers.
I am a great Fan of Minnesota's 'Lake Wobegon' by Garrison Keillor by the way.

Oh, and does that farmhouse have a basement? It would make a wonderful basement conversion project if it does! that's what we do over here, convert Victorian Cellars into habitable space - actually using American Basement Waterproofing methods!

I guess I shouldn't compalin too much about our weather, at least it is good for the basement waterproofing business!

he is so cute, and really like your point here

Living in a rural area isn't so bad as you can tell from this story. I hope you will continue to enjoy it. I can tell, I grew up in a rural area in my country

Now all of a sudden he's found himself in a "Groundhog Day" scenario of reliving the same horrible moment over and over again just to find clues of the terrorist's identity.

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