This Week's Firsts - Spring 2009


farm pix- october 2008 101.jpg
photo credit: Carolyn McDonald

~First frog calls in the pre-dawn morning
~First sighting of snake trails across the dusty gravel roads
~At the Prairie Preserve during my morning’s gaze to the N, S, E, W, sky, and ground, I put my bare hands into the yellow thatch of prairie grass and it felt warm for the first time this year
~With my hands in the grass and I heard wild turkeys gobbling for the first time out here
~First mosquito – honest
~First new lights out on the prairie- a new hog confinement unit with three bright yardlights startled me a few days ago shining a few miles off across the prairie to the NE of our house (I’ll have to drive and check that out)
~First green grass sprouting out of the flood flattened grass on the SE corner of the farm
~8 of the 10 Aronia berries (chokeberry) I planted put out new growth


In the past week or so, I spent around 16 hours raking rock out of "grass", cleaning up the yard..tromping on gopher mounds and mole tunnels...Kelley came over cross country with her 4 wheeler and trailer..we moved 5 or 6 loads of the black dirt pile to various new locations...evening rains came, still light rain around 2 AM...and miraculously this morning the green grass appeared!
This past weekend, I went to Crossings to hear Carolyn read her latest poem...(She got the best audience reaction of all) That was Friday night, last night I went to see "The Nerd" at Mantorville Theatre,(David Derby was the nerd) good show and then today I went with the church group to see "Hello, Dolly" at Rochester Civic Theatre, stopped at GreenMill for supper, had a great time yakking to some more "elderly" (why do I hate that word so much) women, and laughed more than I have in months...Had one lady laughing till tears rolled down her cheeks. Where's your nearest opportunity to enjoy the same?

What a great weeekend to savor. Friends, family, laughter, and art. Sounds delightful.

I enjoyed a show as well. Alma made a fake remote control out of paper, sat me down in the lazy boy and I was able to watch a few different channels of tv. Jens was a weatherman giving the weather (very funny). When I decided to switch channels, there was a ninja fighting movie on -- guess who was the ninja fighter. When that got old I clicked channels to a country music video that was surprisingly good (Alma singing obviously). It was a very good performance -- even when I started clicking the channels pretty fast (Ninja, weather, and singing going by in a few seconds each!).

Someone asked me what I missed living out here. Well, honestly with little kids the worlds narrows down to them- no matter where I live. I wouldn't have been able to take in all you took in last weekend anyway. Not unless I had a live in nanny and didn't mind spending a lot of weekend time away from the kids.

But I eat fine food (a mild curry over rice, squash, salad, vegetable stew, etc.), drank some chokeberry wine, laughed, played a little (not as much as I should have.

And now here they come down the stairs... At least the early rising one.

And that early rising one would be Ernest?? By the way, the credit for the photo, I believe, should be given to Ernest. He wanted to take a picture with my camera! Note the camera cord in the corner of the photo. I think it adds a lot!

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