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A May 2009 View of the Gift of Good Soil

The crops are in. About an inch of rain fell over the weekend. You could hear the sighs of relief from the farmers all around the area.


I had a really good reply on this blog, but somehow my compooter ate it up when I reviewed it. My hands will never be any good at keys and push buttons. All done with everything here in Dodge but Mother Nature had her way with some.Are you growing that thing in the picture or is that some of Mike's machinery he doesn't have to put in the shed this year? Later Yall

Here in Steele County, we are very dry. Had a all day drizzle a few days back. Barely showed up in the rain guage.
My spuds, which were planted late, are coming up, as well as the rest of my little garden.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY! Hope is was a good day, relaxing and fun.. Sending love to you, Aunt Bev

Bev- thank you for remembering my birthday. I was able to spend some time in the garden and with the kids- a good day.

Evan-- There's lots of old iron all around here... Found this one walking across the field. Not quite as neat around here as those farms in SE.

It's later now Yall,or no I guess it's early. I'd like to share some thoughts on the term "neat" to you and readers out there. This spring revealed some things that have been forgivin in the past but really trounced on this year. Our spring was really early this year,really early. After the corn was in it turned cold and rainy the ground crusted. The corn actually grew downwords first then turned tryed upwords (where it was now warm) then ran into that crust then gave up and shot leaves out under ground. Not neat! Most peaple went right to planting beans after corn, and for some reason peaple around here seem to think they have to run these huge rollers over the ground when there done.Now its very early ,remember? Poor little beans- they never had a chance! Needless to say there all replanting.Not Neat! Then the big NOT NEAT winds took this flat crusted ground and filled road ditches,tree lines and yes neighbors houses with dirt. Some ditches have 8 to 12 inches of dirt in them. It was all the big farms. I've always said we shouldn't plant till we see Dandilions. (Soils warm then)I vented on some things on the first writing but will for go all that, its probably what ate up the whole thing. gotta go chow

Whoa! You'd think farmers would remember the lessons of the dust bowl- blowing soil. It is a shame how we treat the soil. Here the snow has a black layer of soil on top when the wind blows. And we have a lot of land around us that is in prairie and wetland.

I see those roller implements too. The District Conservationist (we still have those position as a result of the Dust Bowl) said, just like you saw Evan, that those rollers really make the soil blow more.

I'm tempted to say something harsh about how some farmers are as short sighted about a quick profit (rather than protecting their soil assets long term) just like those swindlers on Wall Street. But that wouldn't be prudent or kind to the good farmers I know. So I'll just leave that unsaid.

daar ben ik het mee eens renske gaat eens even goed uitzieken en dan kunnen we er weer tegenaan, ik kan niet wachten! (sorry for Dutch speaking)

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