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Alma reluctantly exploring an abandoned farmhouse with mom and Megan

The other night I made a couple loaves of fresh, homemade bread for a meeting in town. Alma was begging for me to leave her just ½ of a loaf. “No way! This is for the meeting. Maybe there will be some left over.” As I drove away, the scent of hot, fresh bread filling my car, my heart was heavy that I hadn’t left her a chunk of the loaf.

It brought to mind a story by Willa Cather, Neighbor Rosicky.

They had been at one accord not to hurry through life, not to be always skimping and saving. They saw their neighbours buy more land and feed more stock than they did, without discontent. Once when the creamery agent came to the Rosickys to persuade them to sell him their cream, he told them how much money the Fasslers, their nearest neighbours, had made on their cream last year.
"Yes," said Mary, "and look at them Fassler children! Pale, pinched little things, they look like skimmed milk. I`d rather put some colour into my children`s faces than put money into the bank."
The agent shrugged and turned to Anton.
"I guess we`ll do like she says," said Rosicky.

This story is not about feeding your kids first. It’s about giving the best of yourself to your kids and even your neighbors. It’s a lesson in quality of life-- simplicity with richness-- the richness of cream enjoyed rather than sold. I keep reminding myself and striving to live like neighbor Rosicky.


Happy last day of school, Alma! Kath - Why not tell us something about the award your tree planting endeavor won...I was trying to tell Carolyn about it, but couldn't remember the details...hope you are having a good day! Going to lunch with your baby sister for her big day. Love MOM

Yes....let's hear about the tree planting award! Sounds pretty neat!!
And your children...not pale, pinched little things, we know!!! And we know you are putting color in their faces!!!

I love to read your posts. You are a fantastic writer. I can almost SMELL what you are writing about. Your children, your husband, your land, your village - all so lucky to have you near them, loving them. Their world - and ours - is better because you are in it!

Kathy--Last year you wrote that you had picked organic strawberries somewhere. Is that place open to the public? If so, would you share the name of it? I have been looking for a place with organic strawberries. Now that school's finally out, I will be out there in Artichoke more often. Hope to see you sometime.


Yes- there is a great place to get organic strawberries between Artichoke and Appleton. It is called Coyote Grange

I called and they don't think they'll have berries until after June 16th-- so you have a few more days. We are still enjoying our jam from last year, but finished off our frozen whole and sliced berries months ago. I'm going to freeze more this year. Also, I am going to try dehyrdating some as they would taste great on granola or in baked goods. Yummm.

Please give us a call/stop by/ stock up on eggs when you are out here. It would be wonderful to see you.


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