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Father's protective hand on son- Mayo Clinic

I experienced one of those moments when I believed that we do, in fact, live in the best of times. We were at Mayo Clinic recently and are pleased to report that all is well.

While there I savored the beauty, humanity, creativity that we have built in certain corners of this world. I took this picture while listening to a spiky, bleached hair kid play the most incredible music on the grand piano in the Mayo Clinic lobby. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to this soul filling music-- pausing in their concerns and duties to be lost in the poingnency of life.

We received world class care at Mayo- calm, thoughtful, face-time care with doctors and staff. We also saw amazing sculptures, listened to brilliantly inspired live music, ornate and impossibly lovely architecture (Jens is still talking about the gargoyles we saw from the 16th floor walls of windows).

What's more- we waited in line (briefly) with real people. Dads in Harley t-shirts, moms in capris, kids pushing elderly parents in wheel chairs. It looked to me like a cross section of our country. This fine care of body and soul wasn't just reserved for princes, senators, or the wealthy (though you could argue the insured), but for the many.

Look at that dad with those protective fingers spread across his sons shoulder. I know that grasp- I practice it on my kids. Look at that boy hugging his teddy. All of us paused, breathless at the music. And me just so very grateful to be living in these times..


i love moments like that. brings a tear to the eye....such a thoughtful post.

Have you heard about the Clinic's proposal to reroute the DM&E rail line out around the city? 10 M. south and past the Airport. it would cut (at an angle)thru this prime land around here.Found out the other day the first proposal would have cut our farm in half,with no crossings for 7 miles.

totaly agree with you sister. I frequent the clinic as you know for my arms, i enjoy going to people watch and to listen to the chatter. Talked with a dad and his son (who was my age) who cut off his fingers on a ban saw, and found out he has the same Dr. as Jason had. and he praised Dr. Dennison just like we both do. Sure glad I'm not afraid to start talking to complete strangers. They lived 6o miles from the clinic. I said, I'm 15 mins. How lucky the dad said, It really takes a toll on me to watch my son on the way home in such pain, that if we have to come back real fast its an hour more to watch in pain, It saddens me he said. I felt bad for them and also felt good for them that they get to have the best care in the world. Thanks, to Dr. Dennison, for the great care for us and the man i meet in the elevator.

I am happy to hear that all went well at the Mayo. I will need to get the scoop from you sometime. And maybe buy some eggs...

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