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fireworks stars- dan bush.jpg
Photo credit: Dan Bush

Last Saturday our whole family was privileged to take in the most amazing fireworks display- right here in our own township (population 96 souls in 36 sq. miles). Sometimes the greatest pleasures in life are the unexpected ones. We watched the prairie sky fill with jaw dropping bursts of light and color- with multiple grand finales in a row these were among the most spectacular fireworks I've ever enjoy. The setting helped too... out on our quiet dark prairie with stars all around- the contrast was breath taking and we all screamed with delight.

This was part of a family and graduation celebration for one of our neighbors. So in addition to the fireworks (put on by one of the family members who is a professional pyrotechnic) we enjoyed the blessing of community-- good company, festive atmosphere, good food and drink. I.e. the works.

Mike said as we drove away "I bet there are very few people in this country that saw fireworks that like tonight." We all nodded.

What a way to launch a young one into the world- best wishes Mishayla.


what a great time. hate missing out on things like that with your family. Miss you all like crazy. Mike gretta misses you!

How delightful! And what a great photo!!

Judging from the photo you have a better quality pyro. man there than we do.A guy so. of Claremont (who was also licensed for this stuff)had his day too. Only thing his all went off at the same time! Blew his shed up part way but was not near this pretty. Matter of fact the guy next door and his hunting dogs got put down on the ground from it.I think they pulled his license now. chow


What a hoot about the guy from Claremont. Maybe we lucked out with our fantastic display this year...


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