No Time for Ornamentals


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Kids in front of our garden

This is season two of our farming adventure. We're learning a lot, making some of the same mistakes, and vowing not to repeat them next year. Well-- next year will be another adventure on its own with setting up 92 acres of managed grazing.

But this organic food production is enough to kill you. Spring is all fresh and lovely with well tilled fields -- no weeds. But by the end of July the weeds are threatening everything we've planted. We know... we know... cover crops, mulches, landscape fabric, all kinds of options. But we've got a couple acres of sweet corn, popcorn, and flint corn alone. And I've been "walking the bean" to try to keep our organic black turtle beans (1+acre) weed free enough to combine come fall.

I bought some marigolds, flower seeds, and purely ornamental plants this spring. Needless to say... they were not prioritized above weeding my strawberry bed, gourmet lettuce patch, and my potato field. Between work, family and farm.... there is just no time for ornamentals.


My garden is not that large but, next year I will be planting more flowers. Mom and I, sure enjoy the gladiolas, and I let my broccoli go to flower and the bees are so happy, you can hear the murr murr of them busy at work.

Cute kids.
I like you blog.
Wish you would post more often.

your garden looks lovely without the ornamentals!
I'm already looking forward to next year with my garden, I did well with my proud of snap peas died on me, so dissappointing...but overall I feel happy, and confident that next years garden will be really have encouraged me, thanks!

I'm not sure why it keeps posting me as anonymous? this is probably the second one I noticed?

so if you see any other anonymous, its probably me - kathy springer! Your chicago pal

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