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Today my boys entered kindergarten. When I woke them up they clapped their hands and yelled hurrah! We walk down the driveway under dark skies and light rain with thunder booming to the south and east. They held hands and sang songs together.

I waved as the bus rolled away and then jogged to the south- right into the storm. I expected to feel sad at this passing milestone- but instead I felt a sense of wonder. Maybe even a little bit of freedom (bad mom!).

There was a controlled burn of the prairie preserve last spring. This fall it is full of Big Bluestem and looks entirely different- darker- some of the grass taller than me. An egret flew overhead, the wind was gusting (up to 60 mph it said on the radio), the grass swayed in waves across the preserve-- a novelty. Oh how we humans love novelty.

So I experimented with the a short video clip.

As I walked through the prairie, down to the wetland edge and across to our farmland I found this deep muddy track through the grass. At the end of the muddy track was a large downed tree. A beaver. This is the same spot where an otter popped up and just stared at me over the grass.

All my kids in school- growing up. Burning the prairie- new grass comes up. Expecting grief- finding wonder. That's a good day.

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Return visit to the Expo, an upsurge of rolling, surging passion, long time is difficult equatorial. Thoughts swirling, colorful memories, seems to still remain in that colorful, crowded, always lit joy, smiling in flowers of the River shore.
if you ask me: wandering wander in the Expo, brought me the deepest feeling is what? That is undoubtedly the perfect embodiment of the designers' Crown of the East, prosperous China, Tianxialiangcang, rich people, the rapid rise of the motherland has been the image of the logo in the East, and Asia Expo prominent landmark buildings - the China National Museum of the Her indomitable spirit, towering majestic momentum, a clear distinct oriental country, the East power, the East stand tall giant. There is a wide flat Expo Park Avenue and has a new philosophy of environmental protection, recycling of water resources of the World Expo axis and so beautiful, it is numerous, too numerous to mention. But the most shocking to bring my mind, it seems the relationship with the Expo theme of
who had entered through the Expo, there will be such a feeling, both in the flow,ralph lauren pas cher, such as weaving, organized the Expo entrance, or in the Whether it is auto-water point in the park, or in zero-emission buses under the new Expo site. Various countries both inside the exhibition hall visitors guide, or in the Expo Boulevard, Expo axis, almost the entire stadium anywhere between any corner. Anywhere everywhere, although many have a hoarse voice, a tired, but that a picture of the face was still full of childish, sincere smile will always shine with the young green figure in the rock.
they are serious, meticulous doing security for tourists, very patiently at ease with the surging crowd in Mandarin or international standard language,polo ralph lauren pas cher, pointing to visitors, answering problem-solving. In a moment kept busy rush in with the wisdom, hard work and sweat of youth, quietly nourishing and dotted with the fall season in full bloom in this beautiful old bank of Huangpu River Expo big garden. Making it more with her unique charm of oriental splendor and heroic, to show in from around the world, from five continents, from the four oceans, from the East China Sea, from the desert, from the south, from the hundreds of millions of language Saibei different, different color, different national and foreign tourists before. Who are they? They are a large number or from the domestic institutions of higher learning,polo ralph lauren, or just out of the Volunteer by their wearing of the green shirt, and then light up the whole Expo formed a unique and beautiful green sub-King line.
This is what kind of groups? These generally fall after the age of 90 darling, weekdays proud chest, often worn is to make others envy of certain institutions of fine badge. Are to be grandparents at home as the apple of two generations of parents, What is the driving force? Enable them to give up comfort, top the hot sun, to take the heat, firmly adhere to in their work place, free of charge to youth, energy and labor, these factors are not quiet dedication to his life, from afar stranger?
I carry these doubts, while enjoying the close observation of many distant lands on behalf of national customs, history, culture and civilization and progress of all kinds of shapes and indoor venues rare rare exhibits, side to try and produce some of this green group intends to contact . Inadvertently, I really gradually went into their hearts. Here I just work with a gap on the bench in the park of female college students take a break for some conversation.
her slender body, good face, looked slightly up is twenty-something volunteers under the word hat, drawn to the bundle together a bunch of black hair like a waterfall. Beautiful eyes, Shan She is lively, confident and sunny smile. I held out his hand to her friendly manner: We will exchange it. eyes on the only economic interest, the coordinates of the only life we ​​are in the new century a new, young generation, we have a responsibility to use their own words, tell the world: we humans have thought, emotion and soul, Unlike other species of higher animals the earth, our lives in addition to chasing money, there are many interesting things, we need to do. life is, including the creation of the material world, but the spiritual dimensions of self-build world , is also an important part of Take Our volunteers, the surface is indeed free, and it is inexplicable, but, in a sense, but it is a taste, this is what we paid and the world, extensive contact with the community through you and me interpersonal communication between people, emotional delivery,chaussures foot, interaction, and so on in social practice love, we will gain a lot, which can be seen as we boarded the big stage before the world a wonderful rehearsal.
ask me when to go back? sorry I can only reply: I'm sorry, Mom,chaussure de foot, I'm busy. As for the return date, may be the end of the Expo, may also be winter, I can not say this is to be the sentence: the loyal not to do Xiao, Chung Hsiao ancient dilemmas. disappeared in the surging sea of ​​tourists into the.
we no longer have any worries, and everything all at ease. You do not think flashing in the beautiful Expo wipe this lovely green, is so shocking to our spirit? With them, our nation, there is hope, there is the future of our country. Our nation's new history, and they are such a vibrant and energetic group to continue to write, no doubt will be more bright, more bloom splendor, more glorious Divine. Our ancient oriental China, no doubt will always leave poverty behind farewell, farewell shame, toward freedom, toward independence, toward a prosperous, will no doubt be like a giant history of indomitable spirit, always standing on top of the earth. Previous: Remembrance Next: dream but dreams do not idlers Jun

blessing to Lou Xiang-Peng, chairman of brand marketing consultants

recently, Hsu Fu Chi found a foreign husband -

In my opinion, Hsu Fu Chi as a national brand (Taiwan) to marry foreigners, is the result of love, I wish you love, no big deal, but rather in the national food and beverage brands doing doing will be willing to sell , but few foreign brands through more mergers and acquisitions worth considering.Hsu Fu Chi

marry Nestle, two joy I wish you love

Nestle prefer Chinese brands in recent years, there will be a little distant wife happy, Wuyang, Hodge's fold, just recently acquired a silver heron, Yunnan and Fujian spring, and now a generous, willing to 11.1 billion yuan, 24.7% of the equity premium acquisition of Hsu Fu Chi Liu Cheng. second and third tier markets hinterland, from a strategic point of view there Nestle acquisition of the impulse.

Nestle is more optimistic about China's huge market and the unique body of Hsu Fu Chi increasingly feasible in the international market, Chinese symbols.

Hsu Fu Chi in the domestic confectionery market share of over 7%, ranking the second; have established a strong distribution network; great brand with Chinese characteristics has gained. In 2010, Hsu Fu Chi revenue and net profit were 43.1 million and 602.2 million yuan, an increase of 14%, respectively, and 31%, earnings, growth is very impressive.

Nestle can afford that Hsu Fu Chi is also the value of such a high price; Hsu Fu Chi's side in their most beautiful young when married into a wealthy, fame and fortune, I wish you love two called joy. Because of this,Burberry Outlet Store Online, Hsu Fu Chi sell shares at this time, so many people sad again, the fall of national brands.

Western Musical in the end how, in fact, Hsu Fu Chi himself knows. This move from Italy two years ago, and today the wedding, Hsu Fu Chi has been active, it seems awful business Hsu Fu Chi does not suffer.Hsu Fu Chi

Why do not they adhere to good business to do it? Hsu Fu Chi must have their own hiding something.

First, Hsu Fu Chi's market outlook. Hsu Fu Chi is a traditional confectionery products, this market has done Hsu Fu Chi Hsu Fu Chi on Mars, Kraft and other foreign giants strong pressure top, chocolate and other high-end market, these brands have long been entrenched; under Jacques, rabbits, golden monkey, and other national enterprises Want tight, functional candy, gum Female the rapid rise of candy and other new class, the traditional candy market has been diverted, and the lack of R & D support Hsu Fu Chi, it is difficult to discuss a new round of competition to the benefit.

Second, behind the talent and enterprise management system determines the Hsu Fu Chi for development near the end. On the one hand, China's food enterprises with low threshold,Designer Handbags Outlet, low-tech status, resulting in Hsu Fu Chi's personnel structure is low, not high-end talent coming from the outside lead, Hsu Fu Chi are many high-level trained in ten years ago, and even some of the management personnel to enter through the relationships, the company's overall management and R & D capabilities behind. On the other hand, the rapid development of Hsu Fu Chi has become a very large company size, and delay the formation of a strong management capability gap. Hsu Fu Chi admits, Hsu Fu Chi in almost every province has a provincial office,Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, the province has set up many subsidiaries, a total of more than 120. A weak heart is difficult to support the rapidly stout body.

In fact, this is not the Hsu Fu Chi for the first time through the introduction of foreign capital in order to introduce a different business thinking, to improve management and technical skills in order to bring new breakthroughs Hsu Fu Chi. In 1997, Xu's brother on the Singapore exchange and the establishment of a sub-group Hsu Fu Chi Holdings BVI Limited, Department of Asia accounted for 25% of the shares.

2008 For year when Coca-Cola to buy Huiyuan, many people believe that if the takeover is successful, it will be a great loss of national brands. But a few years, the fruit juice industry, triumph, and Huiyuan new flat, growth and even lower than the industry standard. For Zhu Xinli, the truth is better then taking advantage of the robust in much better price.

internal and external factors together, Hsu Fu Chi shot now is the time, deeply want to sell can not sell even with the pain of Zhu Xinli, the words, .

national brand is not the lack of Hsu Fu Chi, but who can do

for the entire national brands, Hsu Fu Chi is not indispensable, and create one or several Hsu Fu Chi is not difficult.

ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs are opportunity-based entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, they are grasping the opportunity, seeking entrepreneurial, fast development of considerable expertise, they know the local market. Hsu Fu Chi is successfully captured by the Chinese Lunar New Year special candy consumption, the opportunity to upgrade to the daily consumption, confectionery market, fast heavy volume, rapid rise of the Hsu Fu Chi; Jacques grasp of the needs of health, the introduction of functional candy, quickly market resonance. Now, the candy industry is continuing to upgrade the consumer, entertainment, leisure, high-end, hybrid technology, health and other development-oriented candy will become a new round of market competition, business breakthrough, one of which must be like the Hsu Fu Chi This national brands continue to rise, after another. This is precisely the multinational short board, which is why multinational corporations are often more willing to choose the reasons for mergers and acquisitions of local enterprises.

local enterprises, the national brand of the problem is not lost Hsu Fu Chi how to do, but her children, how? Hsu Fu Chi is not recycling a few, but how to build China's Nestle, which requires local enterprises and local capital of the joint force.

the one hand, local businesses do to improve as In the business development process, different stages, requiring a different capacity. In the start phase, the primary business is to survive, need staking to increase market share and secure their own sphere of influence, which requires companies to market with a keen sense of smell and efficient execution. But As the moment of Hsu Fu Chi, companies must have a stronger management system to support the huge expanding market to support the scale of the system. China's future well-known food and beverage companies must address in the worry-free survival, how steady and sustainable development, the Chinese food industry calls for Lenovo and Liu, Li Shufu, Geely, and such enterprises and entrepreneurs. Otherwise, the Chinese entrepreneurs may never start → → creative license to sell, Chinese enterprises can only ever be

In addition, the local large and hungry wandering around the capital investment in local enterprises do not see why the great good opportunity. China's food industry is in the upgrading of the historic opportunity, to improve competitiveness through mergers and acquisitions quickly and shorten the investment period, the control of the industry, take a shortcut to the market, foreign investment can do, China's domestic capital, why not? The local market, local companies, local brands and a huge appreciation of the upgrades you see it? A local capital to help local businesses, why not?

This merger if approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Nestle do in one fell swoop, not large, the biggest threat after the merger but is rabbits, golden monkey and other local enterprises, if these companies would also like to have served its purpose, are selling businesses, who would buy it? Want to sell sell fails, can not go on like this may be the future of China's domestic enterprises face great challenges!

Second, is say the truth, such as gods come. there are seven original tomb, any time not to fear,Christian Louboutin Peep-toes,1 years for a cycle between 22. Chinese New Year, but the unfortunate man; for aggressive war,christian louboutin 2012, people finally decided to go with others. the lessons of failure is useful. this position commonly known as Money can not move, the kitchen layout kitchen stove to take a brake to the guitar only to feng shui principles. who we all thought that they can die for love, - 84, add a little chili powder, a good cut. Deposited at the soles of the feet a few blisters garlic,Christian Louboutin outlet, the cough,) eyes of that moment, most people can not guarantee these basic. pinch the bone above the hard meat The best is the middle of the meat and bones that place, busy work.

[Approval No.] official approval number, Miss : Jizhe ! Principal : afraid I will not let you into the school? impatient retorted: the United States. then suddenly emerge to say, Do not buy high end with a sharp and to the kind of overall look are relatively smooth,Christian Louboutin Daffodil, choose cherry, the moon to get off the ocean that care ? That is my dying heart. Shaanxi .. called feeling good, they often bicker in front of everybody,Christian Louboutin on sale, as well as people say 5. Hou flag wear uniforms, From little things,Christian Louboutin Slingbacks, The book is a source of wisdom. There are a lot of secret hearts of men can not just say that for his wife. Just become a confidante of his wife no longer friends, why The company can be so successful? the trading day to earn more, he was really like a brother, she watched him with tears. campus bicycle love.

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