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Sunday morning at 5 am the wind hit the farm like a thunderous wall. All the upstairs doors were knocking in their frames -- trying to open and close at the same time from the violent gusts of wind coming in the windows. The windows had been left open just a crack to let in the comfortable and fresh nightime air.

And I was hit with the flu- classic high temp, chills, body aches, headaches, etc... So I was in and out of consciousness while watching V is for Vendetta three times. I've always been one of those "things worth dying for" rather than "things worth killing for" kind of people. So while I don't relate to the Vendetta as much, I appreciate (to tears) the courage of people to take to the streets in search of truth and freedom.

I hope you can see this movie. And I hope you don't have to get the flu in order to do so.


Hmmmm....I have never seen that movie but now I think I'll have to put it in my Netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation - hope you feel better! So great to see you over the weekend.

Kathy! I didn't even know you read my blog. It was very nice to see you over the weekend. Wish we could have stolen a few more moments to talk. Bet we'll have more time to chat in about 10 years, okay maybe 15 years time...

Glad you're home safe and sound.

I do read your blog, and enjoy it a lot! Just always seem to be in a rush and never get around to commenting. I'll try to be better about that. Yes....one of these years we'll get back to chatting! Looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time because that means the kids are all grown up!! But it will be great to catch up with my sis-in-law!!

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9 end of the fall of 2011, Bank of China International Consumer Goods Industry Strategy Symposium held in Beijing, China Brewing Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Song Shuyu liquor branch of the participants as Q & A with the participants to interact and communicate.

main content

liquor alcohol consumption in China occupies an important position, in addition to consumption, such as the traditional festive spending, business spending, gifts and consumption, cultural consumption continues to rise to, and collection of luxury consumption consumption and other forms of consumption, creating a new blue ocean of liquor, but also to upgrade with the consumption of liquor to form resonance.

many wine prices low concentration, but increased efforts in industrial restructuring, industrial optimization, productivity and brand focused on accelerating. This trend will result in advantage to expand the market share of enterprise groups, the overall production and sales slowed in the liquor case to obtain much higher than the industry average sales growth. Wine industry,

regional brand is still a good development, An edge in mergers and acquisitions of regional companies such as breakthrough brand, will open a new room for growth.

prominent high-end liquor supply and demand is still not completely change the short term. High-end wine prices to pull wide price band for the entire liquor industry, particularly in the upgrading and development of high-end liquor is very beneficial. Although the NDRC limit liquor prices, liquor companies, but once you have a good time can still be achieved prices move up and pass the cost price.

oversupply of low-end liquor. Although liquor is currently booming, but small businesses as a loss, the number has been declining, a trend conducive to the development of the industry since 2010, reducing the number of liquor licenses 1,000 manufacturers around the country expected the end of 2011 reduced the number of liquor licenses manufacturers more than 7,000. According to the Wine Industry Association

research, industry, foreign investment and foreign capital to enter the wine industry has made a relatively small business success stories, and the possibility of great success with industry mergers and acquisitions. Advantages of the present planning and implementation of the wine business has been with M & A integration.

liquor on the liquor itself is in other industries, particularly the investment community familiar stranger. Chinese liquor is the world's oldest distilled liquor, distilled liquor is the originator of the world. Distillation technology was first invented by the Chinese, alchemy is the first distillation, distillation

technology can be said of the Chinese nation's fifth-largest invention. Chinese liquor is the world's most complex process, distilled liquor brewing cycle, the longest, but also in all the world's most secure distilled liquor. Moreover, the Chinese liquor Moderate alcohol consumption is safe for drinking is harmful to health promotion is not accurate, the urgent need to improve the

way rather than drinking alcohol itself. Process different types of Chinese liquor, East and West flavors of different products, style, genre and more, only 11 have as much flavor. Chinese liquor is the first Chinese processing industry. Currently liquor is much favored consumer goods, is a special flavor of food. Chinese liquor three basic attributes: hobby of consumer goods, consumer goods, emotional, and cultural goods. China's Chinese liquor can not be split with the Chinese culture, are closely linked; China's economic development, national revival of tradition, to provide the necessary basis for the development of national industry.

China's liquor industry at this stage some of the features

2010 years and 1-6 in 2011, a summary of major economic indicators of liquor is as follows:

chart 1.2010 key indicators in the liquor industry

2010 year on year growth (%)

production (million liters) 890.83 26.81

Enterprises (unit) 1607 12.06

total assets ($ billion ) * 2,259.30 24.10

industrial output value ($ billion) 2,793.33 34.06

industrial sales (100 million yuan) 2,661.14 35.17

product sales revenue (million) * 2,421.62 31.01

total profits and taxes ($ billion) * 605.26 31.84

which: profit ($ billion) * 318.61 34.05

Source: Bureau of Statistics, Bank of consumption will be guest speaker
* said January-November data

2010 年 all targets were hit a record high since 2003 and, in particular, wine production exceeded 800 million liters approaching 900 million liters.

chart 2.2010 key provinces in the liquor industry, the proportion of indicators of above-scale enterprises (%)

四川 贵州 Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan, Anhui

number of firms 4.98 8.71 6.47 16.05 4.23 12.94
total assets 38.19 15.47 5.63 5.82 3.67 4.48

wine production 25.80 1.80 10.88 6.33 9.48 5.39

sales 38.78 5.90 9.27 6.10 5.79 4.68

total profit 37.28 22.82 4.35 8.79 4.75 4.60

Source: Drinks Industry Association chart 3.2010

liquor industry enterprises of different sizes in the indicators accounted for the situation (%)

large medium-sized enterprises

small business enterprises the number of firms 1.49 8.90 89.61

total assets 62.39 17.69 19.92

sales revenue 45.24 19.99 34.77

total profit 71.86 10.86 17.28

Source: Drinks Industry Association

Figure 4 Different types of large-scale liquor companies controlling the proportion of indicators (%)

state-controlled private holding group, foreign, etc.
number of firms 5.23 87.99 6.78

total assets 51.82 36.08 12.10

sales revenue 38.20 50.77 11.03

total profit 59.10 29.87 11.03

information Source: Drinks Industry Association

2011 1-6 in the national total production of 480 million liters of wine (equivalent to 65 degrees, the amount of goods), an increase of 27.99%, still maintained a rapid growth rate, of which 6 91.8 million liters in January single month, growth of 13.82%, Sichuan, Henan, Shandong, total production of 242 million liters of provinces, the proportion of the national total of 50.4%. A single month more than 1 million liters of the 15 provinces, Henan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Anhui, Jilin, Guizhou, Shanxi and other provinces are higher than the industry average growth rate, which Jilin, Shanxi, Anhui provinces production in June growth rate of 97.92%, respectively, 90.69.67.

this stage there are eight aspects of the liquor industry characteristics:

Figure 5. the liquor industry, the eight characteristics

features content

concentration: low there were still 8,000 more than the liquor business, without obtaining the permission of the regional functions of the local sales are still thousands of small wineries

brand names: incomplete statistics, as many as tens of thousands of white wine name, but with relatively few high-profile brand

geographical focus

production mainly in Sichuan, Guizhou, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui, Henan and other places. Southwest has a natural advantage in the liquor industry, located in the area of ​​Sichuan, Guizhou Province, two liquor production and sales account for more than 40% share of the industry; addition Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other regions wine industry is also rapidly

industry boom : continued growth in 2003, China's wine industry has an eight-year advantage in growth

scale: the total number of large and medium enterprises sector accounts for about 10% of industry assets, sales, profit exhibition industry, the proportion of 80%. Especially large enterprises, the number of only 1.49%, but the amount of industry accounted for 45.24% and 71.86% revenue profit

state-owned enterprises have obvious advantages in different types of holding companies, state-owned holding enterprises and private holding company has the absolute advantage, including industry, exposure to state-owned holding enterprises reached more than 50%, the proportion of total revenue and profit is also very impressive, and armed with state-owned industry leading components, the actual total profit of state-controlled enterprises accounted for 60% of the industry

differentiation of high-end liquor supply and demand contradiction between supply and demand, accounting for the real high-end wine production should be less than 5%; low-end wine glut, the fastest growing high-end liquor; the past few years , although the industry is better, small businesses close each year, last year to this year, more than 1,000 companies have been converting or closing the end of this year the number of enterprises fell below the 8,000 mark

liquor increased production costs, the price of liquor enhance the general

energy, coal and other basic materials prices, brewing with wheat and sorghum grain rose significantly, by the raw material and labor costs, the cost of the liquor industry, tons of wine showed a rising trend, the cost of 2008 tons of wine 18,600 yuan, 20,900 yuan by 2010. In addition, because of strong demand and short supply of high-end wine, the channel increases, the lowest tax price of liquor consumption tax

management change management, resulting in liquor prices.

Source: Bank of consumption will be guests speech

liquor industry in recent years to sustain growth momentum, national brands and regional brands in the stage of vigorous development. Maotai, Wuliangye and other domestic brands with strength, to keep the industry pacesetter status; gradual rise of the regional brand national brand is also working to close.

industry has emerged and began to strengthen the concept of producing, Sichuan Yibin won the , Shandong Province, the introduction of , Guizhou, and the three major brands Qiannan base, while Guizhou provincial government planning Maotai 2015 all inhabitants of the town to move production to create a better environment Maotai.

liquor industry to flourish, attracting foreign capital and even outside the industry concerned, since 2005, Thailand's Wine TCC, Diageo, Moet Hennessy and other companies have started to engage in traditional Chinese liquor industry. Expected to

liquor industry's future trends

liquor industry restructuring efforts continue to increase, industrial optimization, brand focus, capacity to focus speed up the liquor industry since 1999, the production license system was introduced more than a decade , liquor production license system to control small business, small Fils blind development, curb disorderly market competition all play a huge role in the liquor business increased from 10 to more than 30,000 years ago, reduced to the current 1.8 million, of which receive production license of 8,824 homes.

industry, a significant effect of industrial restructuring in the food safety but also to avoid a lot of risks. Financial crisis also contributed to the liquor industry to re-shuffle, the last two years through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, forming powerful alliances and many large enterprise groups. The industry, foreign investment, foreign capital more optimistic about China's liquor industry, continued involvement, and promote the wine industry, institutional and structural reforms. Industry, the annual influx of foreign liquor industry, mergers and acquisitions within the industry while also accelerating. Foreign capital into the industry after the real success of this relatively small, because the industry outside of the traditional wine industry is not enough understanding of the wine culture, the product features is not familiar with the funds into the future, hope to obtain short-term rapid growth. The typical success is Langjiu, other regional brands in the industry, the introduction of outside capital, the success of relatively small, Vivian entered Zhijiang more successful, but the West Phoenix after the introduction of industry and foreign funds, decreased rapidly this year. Research shows the first half of this year, the industry is still a large number of foreign funds into the liquor industry, such as Shandong, Anhui and other places. The size of the liquor business through the implementation of brand strategy, expansion of the distribution channels, strategic alliances to optimize capital, industrial chain integration and a series of innovations, the universal realization of the long-term development. Major wine producing areas of departments attach great importance to the liquor industry, such as liquor, Sichuan Province to build the Golden Triangle,Louis Vuitton Outlet Online, through a new model to achieve industry gathering for the wine to create a good atmosphere.

industrial optimization, make a positive contribution to all levels of government, in some places is banned some low capacity, low-quality liquor business, with good results. From the perspective of the government and associations, we encourage the industry to optimize, to encourage industry clusters form, to encourage various types of capital into the liquor industry to enhance industry competitiveness.

brand development of the industry concentration is also inevitable. Although the liquor does not like beer and beverage industry as a high concentration of brands, but brand optimization, brand concentration increase is inevitable, this brand from the current industry structure can already see.

Liquor industry transformation and capacity to expand to continue to expand

invest 30 billion industry last year or so. Incomplete statistics, in 2011 industry-wide investment in technological transformation and expansion of production capacity of not less than 40 billion yuan of funds, especially in the large enterprises, such as Wuliangye, Maotai, Yang, ranks among the top companies are doing this work.

future developments, which are really based on the market, the key is to look at the original wine production and storage capacity. Liquor store is only through a certain time in order to improve quality, if there is not enough reserves, competition in the future is difficult to obtain quality, marketing and strategic advantage. Traditional brewing, wine storage methods determine the quality of the limitations of high-end, 70 years after the only stainless steel for storage, so vintage can do 30-40 more years. Year-end liquor is really very rare, vintage currently on the market with Now the major liquor companies are on the original wine store for a larger investment, such as Yang put up billions of dollars this year. Industrial upgrading and transformation, the processing industry is the traditional Chinese liquor, manual-based, intelligent, low level of automation, the liquor industry, as production costs, labor costs, environmental pressures increase, industrial upgrading imperative. Traditional processing industry, in order to continue to develop viable, must be implanted with modern technology. Formally implemented in 2011 liquor 158 plan (to improve the traditional liquor industry, large-scale mechanized equipment, to improve the industry's overall production efficiency, involving mechanized koji, mechanized fermentation, distillation industrial mechanization, bartender computer integrated manufacturing technology, irrigation equipment, packaging, finished the five areas of intelligent management) will promote the modernization process liquor.

high-end liquor supply and demand further exacerbated

liquor market boom, but there are still contradictions between supply and demand of high-end liquor. High-end liquor is not a short-term to expand production and sales, the Chinese liquor production, storage and determine the true proportion of high-end wine production is low, less than 5%. Chinese liquor and wine than, the price is very low, most complex, most expensive, selling also the cheapest, this unreasonable situation should be reversed, government, consumer prices of liquor should be divided into two to see. As a wine industry associations, in this interview in the NDRC price objective statement of the liquor industry and the practical problems faced by enterprises, the overall price is lower than one liquor wine; two high-end liquor among the proportion of the entire wine production low; three large liquor companies to retain more middle and low liquor production capacity, high-end liquor prices can not fully compensate for the Dangjiu income is not profitable. Development and Reform Commission said on liquor prices to some extent understandable. Enterprises should grasp the opportunity to price increases.

regional brand development is still a good

by the regional culture, local governments and other affected regional brand development space. Is deeply rooted regional cultures, including some of the county, district, some small businesses over the years is still alive, that is, local financial and cultural reasons. Future developments, especially in less developed areas of the regional brand is still much room for growth, why not develop a number of regional companies, mainly without brand. So some of the wine business have begun to plan, go out, through the acquisition of regional brands, to seek local and regional growth.


diverse needs of consumers with festive traditional Chinese liquor consumption, business spending, consumer dinners, gifts consumption, leisure and entertainment now appeared white wine consumption, consumption of high culture, distinguished luxury consumption, collection new consumer spending, which is exacerbated by the high-end liquor supply and demand reasons, more wine was to open up a new blue ocean. At present, many people keep wine, people who do not drink liquor collection. Short-term supply and demand can not be fundamentally changed, which is the high-end wine production cycle, high-end liquor-making environment, the decision of the brewing process. High-end liquor with government, business spending closely, when the economic backwardness,

liquor distribution industry trend is clearly

integrated marketing model implanted in modern China's liquor industry is important work. Since reform and opening, China's evolving wine marketing model, the relationship between production and sales trade cooperation has gone through the stages of channel development stage, stage of strategic cooperation, with the development of market economy and consumer level, rapidly changing market conditions, liquor market integration of the distribution relationship between the Union ushered in the integration phase. In the context of supply exceeding demand, competitive balance and further concentration of resources to high-quality, highly interdependent relationship between manufacturers, only through the integration of resources, through the business flow, logistics, information, capital and other aspects of integration, industrial capital and commercial capital of mutual penetration, together long-term strategic planning and long-term benefits to producers and sellers to achieve a win-win.

Q & A session

Q: 97 output in the high spirits, and has been dropped, to rise in 2002, and then maintain a 20% annual growth in 2010 reached 890 million liters of annual production, why share were not the case, is not a statistical reasons?

A: This has statistical differences. However, statistics from the above-scale enterprises point of view, there is no problem. Last year, 890 million liters of numerical analysis, there are repeated statistics, including some places, they had no newspaper reported, and indeed there is a mistake in the statistics, especially on the production is not very precise. But from the above-scale enterprises, and that the growth of more than 1,000 companies, this figure is no problem, but also from the trend is concerned, is relatively clear.

Q: Luzhou high proportion of consumption, how to look at flavor tastes change?

A: China is very much liquor flavor,Coach Outlet Stores, consumer loyalty is rather poor, consumption of liquor are particularly vulnerable to faithless. Some wine loyalty is relatively high, our survey shows a high degree of consumer loyalty Fen liquor, such as consumer Erguotou, how many years are the same. Maotai-based high-end liquor Maotai the rise, people are now spending sauce, loyalty is high. Liquor liquor accounted for 70% market share, schools also are more liquor consumer loyalty is low.

Q: high-end liquor there is room for growth?

A: high-end liquor supply and demand is very prominent, and growth potential. As Maotai, Wuliangye this wine, wine in the world among the low prices. With the increased demand for luxury goods, prices of Chinese liquor space is very large. Wider price band makes high-end liquor, the liquor industry benefit. From the supply, the high-end liquor in the short term do not develop, take five to ten years of reserve process to complete, finally able to meet people's increasing material consumption, good prediction. From the current situation, not the price go up is to sell high-end liquor, many companies will put up the price, but quality is still able to survive, not to mention the brand and cultural influence. China's real high-end liquor, from the technical terms, from the quality, the real in the market can make it, to bring up a loyal consumer base. A bottle of wine is very easy to do, but a lifetime to do wine, has been doing a taste of the wine, so very high quality is extremely difficult. At present, only a small number of companies, from the price perspective, the growth of space is still very large.

Q: You mentioned a large regional brand development, corporate mergers and acquisitions wine, how?

A: Currently as Wuliangye, Yang such enterprises have pressing needs in this area, but also started to do research in this area, such as Wuliangye contact with Hubei Zhijiang, Yang Shuang'gou combination with other . Regional brand to the local finance, culture, and all aspects have an impact on other alcohol prices to this place, can be the local government, recognized by consumers, is not very easy. If the wine business can coordinate the interests of all parties, win-win into a flexible way, would be a good investment behavior.

Q: vintage standard-setting situation?

A: vintage standard work has been ongoing, but no later than the introduction of the beginning of the AQSIQ in this regard urge the relatively tight, and was not implemented due to various reasons. Once after the introduction of this standard,Designer Handbags On Sale, the impact of the liquor industry will be very large. Standard is very strict, standard in three parts, one is testing, testing methods, a large number of scientific research, there are six kinds of testing methods; second year of the wine definition and segmentation, must be Third, management measures, the establishment of threshold, target set from more than one year of hard liquor production status. It can be said that 90% of the enterprises is difficult to achieve this level.

Q: NDRC price interviewed after the old pit, stand Maotai are not raising their prices, a large domestic market supply and demand, liquor prices will implicit way prices?

A: I do not think our liquor backbone enterprises are state-owned enterprises should be said that these are very politics, liquor prices now is a political issue, it is more serious, since the position, and not will rise. But like Wuliangye and Maotai, Maotai in terms of the flow of current management, the management problems for dealers, if the management is not good, the National Development and Reform Commission, when necessary, other measures may be taken.

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