Life Among Stoics


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Congregants at Holden Lutheran, Beardsley MN 1936

I'm reading The Land of the Living: The Danish Folk High Schools and Denmark's Non-Violent Path to Modernization. I stole this book from a very good man and frankly at this point have no intentions to return it (sorry John!). Mostly because I envision a rural landscape full of these remarkable folk schools and figure we'll need an instruction manual.

I read with interest the chapter on why Scandanavians are melancholy, or as I would describe it -- stoic. The author muses "an obvious direction in which to look... is the dark and cold northern climate." But then he decides these Danes actually take pride in living with extreme cold and short summers and delight in the changing of the seasons. Instead he decides that:

"A possible consequence of the overwhelming rural [an acknowledgement that] death awaits everyone and gives no exemption."

Whatever the reason, I find myself living among (one could even venture to say "with") stoics.

I know a man who served in World War II, married, raised a number of fine and productive children, farmed and worked very hard past the point he was able. He lived a solid life, stern and upright, he frowned on tapping ones toe to the hymns in church because it was too close to dancing.

And then he was stricken with Alzheimers and lost control. He now gushes over his wife of nearly 65 years, enchanted by her, unable to to stop telling her how much he loves her, holding her close. All those years of holding himself so close only to burst with love and delight as the twilight hastens.


and you Daughter, my beautiful scholar, are becoming more the "poet" everyday....

I was entertained with your comments about the scandinavian people. I've often made the comment that when I die I want to come back a Norwegian. Thats something, coming from one who's blood is 100% from the Father Land! (I make my own sauerkraut!!) The deal is you see, I'm married to one and when they take you into there fold there no turning back. (I love em.) Do you suppose there's a part of this world that would prefer that these peoples (not just scandinavians) would remain uneducated? You know just let them be Stoic? When I was doing "Uncle Sam Time" I had a chance to see those country's. I'll tell ya it ain't hard see where or farm practices came from. Oh ya, our supplier of free range "Birds" spent the summer caring for an ailing and failing Mother. know where we could buy some birds? chow E.S.

In response to the first response- I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that someday there will hardcover surrounding the words.


Yes our Scandahoovian spouses are extremely loyal. That was what I first saw in Mike- his dedication to his family and friends.

But you know I'm an odd breed- a Scandinavian raised by Germans! Over the past couple of years I've thought "boy I sure am glad I was raised by those free talking, idea mulling Germans!" Maybe it's just the circles I run in, but I was raised in an environment where people weren't afraid to express their views and hotly debate an issue of the day, even sensitive ones.

Try askings "so how about that AIG bailout?" in some stoic gatherings and the forks stop in midair!

I finally figured out my husband after 15 years of marriage. I asked him to walk around the farm with me to talk about where was the best place to plant the orchard. He was so resistant to the idea. I couldn't figure out why. Then he said "all this talking is just a way to get out of doing the work."

And Mom- thanks for heartfelt words.

I just found your blog. My wife and I currently live in northern Thailand. However, we are from Minneapolis and will be returning next summer. My dad owns some land just off of highway 75 that he bought several years ago for hunting. I'd love to come visit and learn more about what you are doing.

I'm not sure if my last comment made it. My dad owns some land just east from where you guys are based. I'd love to swing by and learn more about what are you are doing sometime. I'm currently in northern Thailand but will be back in MN during december and again in June.


We would welcome an opportunity for you to come and visit Big Stone County. We have big dreams and are making baby steps toward getting there-- local foods, organic ag, habitat restoration, community, Transition town, etc...

It is a subtle landscape, as you may know-- but filled with it's own wonders.

Let us know when you are back in MN.

Kath=Why are your comments now running "down to up", you must have inadvertently changed something.

Feel free to stop by our place anytime as well. My entire family, except for me, will be at the farm for the Pheasant Opener this weekend.

Our land is 5 miles south of Highways 7 on the west side of 75. There is an old quarry one mile north of our land. My Dad has been building a log cabin in our grove for the last year or so.

The Hoffmans, not sure if you know them, farm our land. You just have to ask for the loud guy named Steve Miller from the city and you can find our land.

My whole family would really like to meet you guys. Take care!

Im from Hennepin county and accidently found your site. Pretty cool making the jump from city to country. Wish I could do that! My motorcycle country driving will have to do for now. Wish you guys the best of luck!

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Fantastic writeup - i came across your article by surprise, thank you for the information!

I agree that the book The Land of the Living: The Danish Folk High Schools and Denmark's Non-Violent Path to Modernization is very interesting to me as I have many Scandanavian friends.

I really do think you should return it to John when you are done. :-)

I cannot tell you the amount of posts that I have read that made no sense at all, but yours really did! Nice Job! what precisely you tried out to assert written by this write-up? A handful of weightloss pills disorders?

hi there everybody! i am new to this board... going to read up a little bit. any suggestions where to start?

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reporter's notes -

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26 to 28 core in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition opened. The exhibition is sponsored by Hunan Jiahe Culture Exhibition Co., Ltd. received the contractor. This is the first time in Wuhan The exhibition will debut numerous one hundred well-known co-branding,Gucci Bags Outlet, in addition to the direct consumers to enjoy the various brands of original price, but also see a lot of environmental technology in the field of demolition decorative repair material derived from the new technology and new products. According to organizers back

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In the plot of this show features more than 30,000 square meters, 400 lack of well-known exhibitors. Exhibition hall covering one or two F, and the South Hall. Exhibitors include: home demolition company, ceramic tile, sanitary ware, flooring, doors, windows, cabinets, kitchen appliances, ceiling, clean water, clean material, heating, wardrobe sliding door, close the soft sand bed, fabric wallpaper, furniture suites, open to take care of that and so on. Home demolition exhibition platform, exhibitors will display the full publicity and corporate strength, credibility, vision concept, technical, environmental protection, repair materials, engineering, quality quality, service. The idea of ​​a strong lineup of small, light-owned group of expert staff, riding out the promotions for small to provide consumers with extensive full-service convenience. By then, public split decorated with the repair material can be in business in exchange for drip contact Road, decorated with selected demolition company assured the selection of a satisfactory repair material manufacturers, sourcing the ideal environmentally friendly products. Site will have the idea of ​​more than 1,000 professional teachers, a number of exhibits unveiled the latest environmentally friendly, less shocking performances more than the next and promotional show, will become the central region of Wuhan as well as a super carnival house demolition event.

2011 only in the real estate industry, the new policy after another, after all is combat polishing machine, only to throw capital purchase, Kennedy never received a small force to open the housing and protection of affordable housing, the demand for housing into the only maintenance. Slight decline in quality real estate throwing machine, there a demand for more housing and to improve the housing needs of persons, and home demolition only industry or closed, just need this kind of demolition only business end consumer, With urbanization, repair set up or closed, living standards are not continued progress, these urban life, worry, effort, time fill a look, buy your fill, but not tired of traveling for the new house overhaul, damage the health of the trouble is they really want step between the The psychological needs of prospective consumers find a, the market leverage will also find a branch in a. So these home overhaul material exhibition, Differences, in the heavy industry in creating new energy policy, home repair materials industry, energy saving, innovative products encompassed the study received a small giant new market space. So many businesses have targeted opportunities, landing demolished home market in Wuhan. Is in such a small environment, with Wuhan, overhaul timber home show this winning marketing strategy, the first effort to seize the potential consumer groups, industry leader in only the first line of repair or closed sitting good marketing channel, the pursuit of the best companies or closed road, has become particularly important. Not only that, the exhibition site to provide enterprises with new open closed, or intends to back the distribution / agents into contact only in the channel continued on in good platform for and true. Small business district, a small market Baotuan promotion, upset none other, the house will be demolished by the district show the real wood furniture repair business district has been minimal closed set of inferior play, for the people to save money, help the business promotion. So wide was the real benefit of small consumers, too convenient, not traveling, will be able to purchase an affordable price to the satisfaction of the product.

a sit-purchase options for home demolition of worry and effort

ornaments removed by the Association built in Nanjing, Nanjing Exhibition Co., Ltd. is still clear next year's exhibition will beautify the home 5 to 7 August Sanyuanqiao tenth China International Exhibition opened two core curtain, the audience at ease in the overhaul of the differences, they will show the audience a whole new concept of experience.

professional level of this show from exhibitors, the number of exhibitors of quality, display size and so have a smaller leap than the previous. Organizers will be six main Shanghai Mitsubishi air conditioning repair small problems when different show, really a collection of resources, leading the market tide mobility, vision and those for the material supplier, and the idea of ​​home demolition and consumers of multiple fields take the decorated bridge repair, a A sitting of professional procurement platform.

care home had become the social well-being demolished drip

main worry was bad repair Long, chairman of the company created by the forest and water dish repair in 1992, is specialized in consumption and sales, high-end sports break Busy shoes, sports fashion apparel, basketball, travel only bags, hats, socks and other sports products of foreign-owned enterprises. The group along with the which more than 200 senior managers, professional and technical personnel more than 120. Over the years, the company adhering to worry too long for the endless pursuit of quality, ride the waves in the sea just after, the award honors for many years: China's famous brand, national quality important in maintaining quality tracking unit, disaster repair brand, the 21th World Mr. Small Games Table Tennis sponsor, of the Ninth National Games Table Tennis sponsor ... and duly passed iso9001-2000 international quality system certification of quality. 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At this point, Lin, chairman of the situation, multi-channel sales and support sets shoe trends show only received the information industry, through repeated demonstration, comparative study and field survey, recognized worldwide sports industry's annual output of up to 4,000 billion U.S. dollars, and maintained a 20% annual rate added, and the late start of China's sports industry, small scale, in 1997 the national sports industry value-added 15.637 billion yuan, 18.356 billion yuan in 1998, accounting for 0.2% of gdp. In the collection of countries, this proportion did not reach 1% to 3%. From this we can see, China's sports industry giant received a small exhibition space, after the King was encouraging. Existing domestic sports business, sports industry operating more than 20,000 organizations, sub-throwing capital did not exceed 200 billion yuan, an annual turnover of over $ 60 billion, especially with the fitness movement in the country's small collection of small and medium cities to flourish development, type of sports products of all varieties naturally becoming man demolition of the old long tail election equipment. Hundreds of millions for years, especially Mr. Green is a soft spot for sports products. After the sports industry in this vast landscape attractive market, Lin decided to quit the water dish a lot, professional spend their Forest and water dish a touch of know: the competitiveness of enterprises, the key is competition for talent. If this collection of domestic worry too long the idea of ​​a drip, engineers and a variety of high-quality management personnel, training and call accept a small group of skilled high-quality front-line industrial workers, creating a modern open repair income, consumption, sale quality inspection services and quality of enterprise management mechanism, just push all in the office automation and process control systems. Quality of management of quality must be reflected in each activity. So, worry about spending too long in the process to achieve a self-management, standardized operation, yield and quality layers of strict quality control to ensure that processes a fine round after round. Project, the company did not worry too long in Nanjing, the sea, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places set up branches or agencies take more than 30, where hundreds of monopoly network, so worry not too long stream of product to continued to sell throughout the country. According to the implicit authority to monitor the market: Love spell will lose, good long fight to shift air conditioning unit in Wuhan phone for a long time. This is Mr. Lin Shuipan entrepreneurial career motto, the process is a true portrayal of his struggle. He believes that the struggle of modern sports, athletes and fitness spot in the technical challenge the mentality of the limits of different human self, the demolition of their own equipment performance, very high quality requirements. In the international market, the sports industry and other industries where competition is a technology for the competition,Designer Handbags Outlet, the sports industry in order to progress and or closed, have to rely on high-tech. Quality essence is the best safeguard to ensure consumer loyalty. China's sports industry as an emerging industry and the morning sun industry, the new century, where the demand for physical harm to add the day and the recent renewal of the sports industry chain is not stretched. Opportunities and challenges. Concern was the company's revenue development strategy dragon, or closed channel thinking, or closed target, industry structure, re-selection in the industry, market layout plan is being re-made to open and pragmatic spirit of enterprise, to strengthen the quality of the whole quality management in close play disadvantages of their own resources and confidently expulsion new opportunities and challenges, perseverance outside for overseas athletes prepare to build sophisticated demolition. Worry too long into the new company will have to show their style, will be smaller, more strength and progress continued or closed to make due contributions. Dragon brand brand extension worry too own repair since the beginning of the end stick with the sports, entertainment worries associated Line Road, to sports, entertainment worry as the basis, repair set up their own unique corporate culture, which was long on worry about the brand's collection development is essential. It is through sports, entertainment, cold feeling in the cause of worry, worry about too long and gradually shaped the dynamic, stylish, well-being, dynamic brand image. Now, the worry was not only a Chinese dragon sports shoes off busy areas of well-known enterprises, has become a fashionable sports apparel busy off the field of well-known brands. Dynamic, stylish, well-being, is a dynamic young generation to pursue the concept of life long. The concept of diversity in today's era, sports and entertainment is not just a sport and entertainment worry worry interpretation, it is a life, is an important part of modern life. Long years of worry was a small force to advocate for sport and entertainment activities in the spirit of fear, to well-being, stylish, dynamic brand concept for the young generation for many years to create well-being and fashion Hugh busy life, without the long generation and Green sat repair a bridge. In recent years, have long advocated by leading the wave of worry about the sports and cultural mobility, active participation in the modern entertainment worry activities. Such as: sponsoring basketball, table tennis competitions and host China friendship drip only awards ceremony song list, have become the interpretation of the fear was the core brand values ​​Dragon evidence. Heated for year after year in the domestic sports off busy market, where the provisional accession to the WTO to bring the impact of international brands, worries too long the company has made Today, the worry was the dragon was thrown into the brand management wholehearted way, their ads song --- quality of quality, product quality, fashion and other cultural communication where all parties in concern was put down by the dragon's contagious brand reputation and brand culture. As an advocate Today's worries too long without becoming a professional consumer, selling fashion sports shoes, sports fashion apparel, bags, socks, hats and other products of the enterprise group, they are feet on the ground, worked hard for the Chinese sports industry to build off busy well-known brand!

Section Po, Boloni, the industry's peak, Dongyirisheng, real innovation, Island, this morning, Shen Zhou, matt Asia, stretch, long closed, dozens of gold corner demolition of well-known brands gathered in the capital at home. Conceived with the concept of home demolition is not to mention continued down, people's living environment is no longer limited to the requirements of conservative ideas, but the pursuit of fashion, comfort, safety and environmental protection. New concept of family gradually split into millions of households, the brand idea of ​​division headed home demolished a model of outstanding works will be present among the audience a fresh experience.

It is reported that Wuhan has been the brand exhibits a small show home demolition in the light. Removed from the local first-line home brand new in 2011 will bring ideas and portfolio ideas. House demolition in the current exhibition in Wuhan overhaul of all well-known companies gathered on the first floor hall, the scene provides one of the professional services provided during the exhibition of thousands of sets of scenarios for the Pegasus owners choice, two floor South Hall timber repair many brands of soft demolition accessories exhibitors brought Here, consumers can not only understand the most affordable price information, more experience to show the fashion wave of income mobility, the exhibition is to provide consumers with extensive small apologized thin well-being back gifts, when differences in the benefits of consumers, but also promote social well-being of the back of fashion consumption concept.

According to the relevant departments of the security room .

official website of the show is not officially take off the assembly line, the net wide to sit in the general public can read information about the exhibition, tasting vision teacher works. Differences, the net take for exhibitors and exhibition visitors opened up a simple registration of a perfect platform. Not to mention the audience after a free registration to on-site registration cumbersome, and put the audience after the online registration after the registration by virtue of mentioning id, ticket exchange site differences, they can receive a special gift, a limited number of quality, wide look small Network audience to sit as soon as possible Ti Houdeng land registration!

understand more about the construction of the exhibition, please enter the construction of exhibition area

understand more about the construction of the exhibition, please enter the exhibition area building construction Fair to build a bridge between home improvement and real estate development kitchen

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Thanks for posting this article I really enjoyed reading the book Life Among Stoics. In fact, I read it yesterday again while I was at the metro north.

May God bless you and fill you with prosperity!

I've been checking out your website and you have some of the best informative articles I've come across.

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