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Lost and Found

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That which you manifest is before you.

My wonderful sister-in-law gave me a book to read "The Art of Racing in the Rain." If you're having a rough week, this book is enough to make you want to slit your wrists- (ok- a bit melodramatic). Thwarted dreams told through the eyes of a dying dog, wife dies, losing custody of young daughter, arrested for sexual assault, and, of course, the dog dies.

The one take home message that doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out is "that which you manifest is before you. Simply put- your race car goes where your eyes go."

So it seems that Mike and the kids manifested a pair of dogs. Mike has been talking about getting a hunting dog and Alma said we could butcher her ducks if we got her a puppy (kinda gruesome bargaining wouldn't you say?). By now you know that we live alone on the prairie. So last Sunday Mike and the kids were driving home from Artichoke Baptist Church and saw a dog on a nearby unoccupied farmstead. When Mike got out of the car, a momma and her pup came out of the grass--weak, tired, hungry-- alone.

I was in the garden when the minivan exploded with screaming kids and dogs. Mike and I reminded them that the dogs were probably from a "neighbor's" house and started calling around. We put an ad on the radio as well. But it looks like we now have two golden labs.

That which you manifest is before you.

So now the naming begins. I think the momma should be Joy-- in hope that Joy will get along with Happy. The boy puppy is another story. I say he should have a character name- like Courage, Honor, Reliable, Honesty... At breakfast this morning Mike, exasperated, asks "How do you think it will sound if I'm yelling "INTEGRITY!" while out hunting?" Which led to a chorus of us all practicing yelling "INTEGRITY" at the tops of our lungs while eating our blueberry buckwheat pancakes. I don't know- I think it sounds like a great thing to yell out. Try it. "INTEGRITY!"

That which you manifest is before you.

I read books like "The Not so Big Life" "The Artist's Way" etc... about how to achieve a calm, contented life of directed and leisurely purpose. And I can't help but think that it is all a crock-- I mean, give that book to the mom in Haiti who is feeding dirt to her child to stave off the ache of hunger. It's all a narcissistic dream of a pampered western world. Keep in mind that most Americans live better, more comfortable lives than the wealthiest nobility a few hundred years ago.

One of my elders tells me of her neighbor, a farm wife, who died too young- in her 40's. She always suspected that the poor woman worked herself to death on that hard scrabble farm with a half dozen kids. Poor thing probably welcomed the big rest.

That which you manifest is before you... When I was in grad school I peacefully mulled over my future. My mind's eye had me on a farm, growing spices and herbs, the theme songs was "I always cook with honey, 'cuz it sweetens up the nights..." There was calm and candlelight and a handsome man adoring me. And maybe I'm partway there- a farm and adored. But like Denny, the main character in The Art of Racing in the Rain, I have to go through some trials before I can take that deep breathe and relax into that future I manifest for myself.

Or maybe I should just get back to work.


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I have to agree with Mike. Dogs prefer not more than three syllables(sp).
We lost our dear dog this morning. She was 14+ years old. We are all just devastated. Wondering if Lonnie would like the book. Labs great dogs for kids, they will love them.

Name the dogs duke and daisy or bonnie and clyde or jessie and james gracie and charlie joy and lucky or crazy and insane.
your choice good luck with those new kids. and always smile you could be homeless, and we could think of names for you.


I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your dear dog- your companion. And what a coincidence that I write about dogs today.

Then... as I was reading your comment Jens says to me from the living room "Mom- we should name the puppy Becky."

Lon might like the book- it really is about how our dogs love us, know us and have confidence in us. And from that point of view you might enjoy it.

Take care of yourselves.


Nice fangs, Alma

I will say this those are 2 very lucky dogs to be blessed with your family they will never run out of fun, food or love. To the 2 new additions (the dogs) you will not get much sleep. So, sleep when you can. love your aunt kelley

*****Puppy Name Update****

Votes are coming in to name the puppy Lucky. Because he was dam* lucky we found him when we did.

Momma dog is looking more like "Sunny"-- votes will happend when the boys wake up from their naps.

Sunny and Luckl....I love it! Both happy names...to add to a dog named Happy!! Dogs bring so much joy, and yes, SO much heartache when they leave us. Thanks for calling me "wonderful" even though I suggested you read a book that made you want to slit your wrists (which I know you really didn't!). The book is a bit gut-wrenching and I cried my eyes out (much to the dismay of the little girl sitting next to me on the airplane), but I LOVED that book and am glad you found the good in it. Love you.

**** pup ****
i love him he is dear soooo cut (in the lovey buevey way).i thant that his name shoud kissy. lafe time.no.ok i will ha ha ha ha.(i will).
you know his name should be lucky orr happy jr.well lake needs saveying from dad.bey.

**** pup ****
i love him he is dear and soooo cut (in the lovey buevey way).i thant that his name shoud kissy. lafe time.no.ok i will ha ha ha ha.(i did haha).
you know his name should be lucky or(hold) happy jr.well lake needs saveying from dad.bey.

**** pup ****
i love him he is dear and soooo cut (in the lovey buevey way).i thant that his name shoud kissy. lafe time.no.ok i will ha ha ha ha.(i did haha).
you know his name should be lucky or(hold) happy jr.well lake needs saveying from dad.bey.

good strong name Lucky dog Lucky dog. Sunny is wonderful on a crappy cloudy day you can say Lucky we can say a Happy Sunny day is around the corner.

Here is a groaner, but have to say it. How about naming the third dog "GO". Happy, GO, Lucky! All right...I'm sorry!

I love sunny and lucky...I'm so glad I'm reading your posts today - I was feeling very down today, and your post made me laugh. I love dogs. I would love a playmate for Echo, but at this time, my house is crazy enough. love your blogs.

I wanted to day I love labs too - especially the mixed variety. Sprocket was my first black lab mix, now we have Echo hes our second black lab mix - Echo looks a lot like Sprocket, but two different personalities. Sprocket was perfect for me when I had no children, and when the babies were young. And Echo is perfect for the present...two crazy kids in a hectic house. These two new dogs will bring a lot of fun your way.

Kathryn, I would like to reprint your stories with your permission. I publish a small, free, periodical that is written for reader enjoyment. Your stories would fit right in. Let me know. Thanks Kay PS I publish The Harvester out of Tioga, ND

Lucky for those two dogs and I think your family too. Dogs can make a person's life whole.

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