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The neighbors called last Saturday with a grain wagon full of corn screenings- the cracked and fine pieces of corn. They said if we wanted them we could have them for our chickens. So Mike and the boys crowded into the John Deere 4440 and made the 2.5 mile trek to Sandy and Terry's grain bins.

When we got the corn back here, we found that we couldn't back the wagon into our barn, so we opted for manual labor. And frankly, it was a just what a family needs now and then.

Lake was the first to learn how to open the grain shoot and when we had buckets and bins ready below, I'd yell "Let 'er rip!" and he'd pull around the wheel that opened the sluice and the grain would pour out. All the kids pitched in- the puppy playing around our heels.

Mike took off his sweatshirt and looked like a strong and handsome farmer as he hauled containers over to our makeshift granary in the barn. Lake followed suit and took off his jean jacket- wanting to be like his dad.

The corn was perfect, dry and smelled like fresh corn muffins from the oven. It was a perfect autumn evening- not too chilly, the sun setting as we raced to get the grained hauled before we were working in the dark.

It was nice to work as a whole family on a project like hauling corn and stocking up for winter. It's a good feeling to know we have some feed put away for the chickens. And the labor, especially with kids and a puppy, is one of the soul's antidote for a hard week.


Sounds like a great day. When I work I have at least 15 cats.....or so at my heels, just ask mom. The kids are getting so big, so fast, looks like Lake needs a bigger jacket.

Yes- Lake needs a bigger jacket and probably a different tool to help with corn. Not sure what that tool is for besides chipping ice. LOL.

I bet you all felt so good when you were done!! What an awesome family-binding time with a huge sense of accomplishment attached. I love it!!

Kathy-- I'm sure you must have had many such family-binding times when you lived on this farm!


The dying light in your photo brings back good memories of "those days". Somehow, the closing of the day was a meaningful time! A favorite memory is waiting until dark, and then catching chickens...probably a lot more fun to recall than it really was!!

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