The Care and Feeding of Giants


care and feeding giants pic.JPG

My kids are still just little guys.
Our farm, 320 acres, is considered somewhat small in the scheme of things.
My job at the University is among the most meaninful work I've engaged in in my life.
I do a bit of volunteering in our community, like the Granary Coop in Ortonville.
All good and yet all together- they are Giants.

And so I find myself in the business of caring for and feeding Giants. I don't know what else to say about it- just that as much as I love those Giants they sure take a lot of attention. More attention, say, than there are hours in the day. And yet- there I was one Saturday afternoon- oil pastels, scissors, puppy peeing on the carpeting, screaming children, carpentry project going on around me-- and just enough creative energy to capture those Giants on paper. Just that one stolen moment of time. And you know- it's just what the soul needs when one is tasked with The Care and Feeding of Giants.


YES! Steal that time! And let's see your artwork!!

PS...cute pictures of Alma and Jens!


Hope that you are feeling 100% now. I'll get you some pix of the kids in the mail. Better yet- maybe you can come out here with mom for a couple days!


I would love to see you...hope that I can. I am caring for my cat who was expected to perish quite some time ago...He needs two meds a day. I may ask my neighbor to give him his meds...kind of hate to ask that, and hate to leave the sweet old guy...he was Mom's cat, Goldie. Since he has been toughing this out since early August, I might safely leave for a short time! PS...I am feeling BETTER! Phew! Thank goodness!

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