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January 2010 003.jpg
The view from my home office desk

This is the view from my farmhouse office on a day with life threatening wind chills and 6 foot high drifts in front of the garage. Note the froth on that espresso! I have fiber optic digital wireless internet- which means my home office is as fast or faster than my University of Minnesota office in St. Paul. I spent part of the day working on a nation-wide survey of natural food companies (research), talked to Minnesota's State Economist Tom Stinson, and shared some laughter with a staff person.

I'm telling you folks we live in the best of times. Here I am a woman, mom, scientist, "farmer" (more like the overlord who critiques the farm work from that same window! Hey! you missed some weeds over there! Get the lid back on the compost bin!). I have a challenging intellectual job, I do from the middle of the state's capitol city or from an isolate farm on the prairie. I feel like the work I do makes the world a better place for my kids and I have a boss who supports me telecommuting.

Seems like a person should just stop and appreciate all that the early 21st century is and can be. Virtual yet connected. Rooted but mobile. Global yet local. Fast and yet that espresso went down nice and slow to some XM satellite radio background music.


We're enjoying the heck out of your comments on food preservation and eating. Couldn't help but think of all the info passed back and forth on a small scale like this. My wife pickled some asparagus this year and it is AWESOME - she used Grandma's dill pickle recipe! Asparagus is hard to preserve (other than freezing) and this has been so well received by everybody who has tried it. One more thing - we learned from another party how to save time making home made bread. Use your bread machine to do the kneading of the dough. We have a few recipes that work great. This takes the hard work out of making one loaf of bread.

kath you sound good...your posts seem to feel relaxed...optimistic!

Thank you for a great post

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