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flax in ND by Ann Hoffert.jpg
Flax in North Dakota- photo by Ann Hoffert

It is spring and a girl's mind turns to... crops. The land we live and farm on has, in recent memory, grown the following crops:

Milo (grain sorghum)
Mustard (on purpose - to sell)

In the 15 years that I've known this land (lived here for two growing seasons) it has only known corn and soybean. But a girl's got a right to dream...


first we have to change this stupid farm program. I'm trying to get to the front of the line to see who this pied piper is that we're all following !!

first we have to change this stupid farm program. I'm trying to get to the front of the line to see who this pied piper is that we're all following !!

So with you about the farm program. Are you getting to the front of the line by planting more corn and soybeans?? Corn on corn on corn?

I went to our local, indpendent farm coop today. This place is really cool. They handled 1.8 million bu of grain a year. It is an extremely efficient and elegant system to more corn and soybeans.

The infrastructure of this systems goes right into the hearts of little towns all over. At least out here in the west... So I'm trying to think how we can piggy back on what we already got to start cracking this corn/soy nut from the ground up. So to speak.

Onward! When you get to the front of the line- please pull back the curtain!

Kathryn, I just wanted to tell you that it's botanically possible and has been done. Fifty years ago I grew up a couple of miles east of you (where the Hancock-Clinton turns east for the rest of its run) and we grew everything on your list (with the exception of sorghum, which our next door neighbor did grow), except for mustard to sell! We also grew rye, which I don't remember seeing on your list, and later on we grew sunflowers for oil.


Thank you for the recollection of the crop you grew. Yes- it may be agronomically possible- but do we still have the seed, the knowledge and the equipment to grow those crops today.

Here's hoping and thanks for sharing your memories of what the land grew here.

Hi Kathy,

One of the things on my List of Doings for this year is to see a field of flax in bloom—in western Minnesota. My dad's talked about what that looked like around the Ortonville/Clinton area when he was growing up, and the image has stayed in my mind. I mentioned this in a few of my Christmas cards, and the phrase alone made quite an impression on the three-year-old daughter of a friend of mine who lives in New York City. So now I really have to make it happen—so I can send her a picture!

Someone somewhere in the region must be planning to plant some flax this year. Consider my efforts to find them to be officially underway.


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