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Jump Rope for Heart Event as School

Last week we had a school and community celebration focused around jump roping and giving. Dozens of kids and parents played in the school gym last Friday night- followed by dinner in the school cafeteria (thank you).

The 2nd-6th graders were part of Jump Rope for Heart- with donations going to the American Heart Association. The families in our small towns raised nearly $4,000 for this event - well beyond the goal of $2,500.

It's such a great lesson for the kids to raise money for a cause that is not about them, their school, or their direct needs. It is 100% about giving to others- others outside of our community. And that is a value worth celebrating and jumping about. Kudos to Mrs. Fisher who has been the school coordinator of this event for many years- judging by the row of banners streaming along the gym ceiling from years past.

The local Township fund drives are another new thing to me. Our little township only has 90-some people (on a good summer day) and yet every year they pass the hat for a slate of worthy causes- about 20 different organizations from Sister Kenney's Rehab Center to the county's First Responders. I'm always amazed how much so few people can give as the newspaper published the list of donations township by township.

It seems to me that what Big Stone County may lack in rich folks, it makes up for with giving hearts.

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