Little Tofu on the Prairie


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This afternoon the Schwan's Man drove down our 1/2 mile long driveway against 40 mph wind gusts. This is an important source of food- mostly healthy- for our family. They carry a lot of very good frozen vegetables and fish. We buy our share of salmon filets.

Local food this ain't.

The "Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon" is a product of China. When I asked how that could be I was told that the fish are caught and shipped to China for cleaning and freezing then distributed by Schwan's. Can you imagine that trip? Alaska-China- to smack dab in the middle of the North America continent. Now that is a global food system and I'm a grateful beneficiary at the end of that line.

I don't know if you can appreciate the pleasure of having the Schwan's man show up at your door. We buy lots of their vanilla ice cream-- it is the only kind my husband will eat. Period. So we buy three gallons every other week.

This afternoon I bought Tamales wrapped in corn husks. They are really quite good and made from very few raw ingredients- corn meal, meat and spices. I also bought the shrimp and tofu Pad Thai. Seriously folks- I'm in the middle of the Tallgrass prairie in an extremely sparsely populated area. And today I had tofu delivered to the door of my farm. With chop sticks.

The Pad Thai was spicy enough that the boys jumped up from the table and ran around with tongues lolling out of their mouths begging for liquids. Add a few crushed peanuts and squeeze a lemon on top and I can imagine that I'm at Ruam Mit on St. Peter Street in St. Paul.

Oh yeah- And that Pad Thai- It's a product of Thailand. Like I said- local food it ain't. But what the hell. Moderation in all things.


Mmmm...Ruam Mit. Love that place. Spring roles to die for.

I wonder if people in China order Minnesota bison burgers and wild rice via their Schwan's equivalent?

I remember when you went in to the hosital to have the boys and you said to me "Oh, the Schwan's man was to come today and bring the icecream." Well, when I got back to your house the icecream was in the freezer with a note attached Congrats on the boys. How he found out that you were in the hospital is still a mystery. Leaving the icecream made you so happy when I told you. You said, "Now thats a good Schwans's man!" We sure had a good laugh. Thanks Schwan's man for making my sister happy and for the best icecream.


One day (pinkie promise) you and I will take a vacation -- stay at the St. Paul hotel, eat at Ruam Mit, and take in a good show at the Ordway.

A treat for us hard working moms!


Kelley- was that the morphine talking??

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Wow, I suspect a few ethnic foodists might raise an eye at your dismissing tamales as being made from mere corn meal. Perhaps we'll stop by some day and share with you the intricate details of transforming lowly corn into tasty 'masa de maiz" to make your own traditional tamales and tortillas.
Now that's a great way to break bread amongst friends!

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Wonderful to read!

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