How You Know You are Loved if You're Married to a Norwegian


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The first milk from our cow

A friend of a friend says that her Scandinavian heritage husband has a daily limit of 30 spoken words per day. I would say my husband is somewhat similar. Once we got into what I thought was an awful argument and we didn't speak at all for a couple days- sat across from each other at meals, went to sleep together, etc... all in perfect silence. When I finally couldn't take it any longer I said "Enough! we have to talk this out." He said "Talk what out?" He didn't know we were giving each other the silent treatment.

So when I came home to this jar of fresh milk in the fridge, I knew that it was the expression of pure love and esteem from my husband. It's the little things- like the internal injuries he sustained milking a wild and never milked before cow- that lets me know just how very much he really loves me.

Now... How to explain the Mother's Day present he gave me. A mule.

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What? Wait...isn't that how all husbands are??

I'm blessed my husband talks alot, he thinks he is a comedian. Well, now on to the mule....His way of saying nice ass?

Hahahahahaha! Good one Kell!

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. Is this Mike's message?

LOVE IT! Kathy you finally got your dairy cow?!?!?!

Hummm ... a mule for mother's day ...

well... I guess you're going to have a fun month picking out his father's day gift. ;)

Nice to know at my age I can get thrown from a bucking mule, fall flat on the ground, and get back up.

Maybe its a Norsk way of saying, "Sorry I'm such an ass" ha ha.

Looks like colostrum, a premium health food now-a-days.
Colostrum ice-cream is at the top of my list of foods I've yet to try...sounds yummy!

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